Strona główna

Operation centers


The SDP-20 Surface to Air Missile Operation Centre is an Air Defence command and control system, dedicated for the brigade level. It allows to evaluate the threat environment and prepare optimal recommendations to engage specific targets in real-time. SAMOC is interoperable with NATO systems, and it can also cooperate with former Soviet surface-to-air missile systems, such as SA-3 Goa.

The system works within the Wide Area Network (WAN) and is able to control the air defence units on the basis on RAP. SAMOC is mobile, based on a truck-mounted containers to provide power supply, air conditioning and electromagnetically hermetic seal.

LA-3 Łowcza Army Automated Anti Aircraft Command and Control System; photo: M.Dura/Defence24

LA-3 Łowcza Army Automated Anti Aircraft Command and Control System

Łowcza is an automated command and control system, designed for the Land Forces Anti Aircraft. It is used at a level of battalion or regiment, and can manage both missile and artillery anti-aircraft systems, as well as mixed SAM/AAA systems.

The system collects data from the radar systems and other sensors to prepare a cohesive picture of battlefield environment for the commander. Łowcza allows to shorten the reaction time of the Land Forces Anti-Aircraft troops and accelerate the firing decision making process, as well as to monitor the status of SAM/AAA systems in real-time.

Rega Complex C4 Solution for Anti-Aircraft Systems Interoperability

Rega is an automated air defence command and control system, designed for individual SAM/AAA systems as well as for the battery level. Rega can cooperate with other C2 systems (e.g. Łowcza), giving a lower level commanders a complete picture of the air situation. The system consists of battery command vehicle (Rega-1) and components designed for individual units, including surface to air missile systems, artillery systems and MANPADS.

Szafran Land Forces Command and Control Information System

Szafran-ZT is an automated command and control system, designed to support the Land Forces Command at the level of battalion, brigade, division or corps level. It supports execution of the entire command cycle, including position setting, planning, tasking and control.

Szafran-ZT consists of both hardware and software systems, as well as Local Area Network Architecture and dedicated, secure data transfer links. The solutions allow to supply the commander with a high level of situational awareness and to shorten the reaction times.



The system is used in electronic reconnaissance processes- RF (ELINT) and radio (COMINT). The system consists of units which are responsible for cooperation with electronic reconnaissance troops at different tactical levels.

The system components are joined together by WAN- “OP-NET”. The system uses RAP information from the DUNAJ system to process the reconnaissance information.