Optoelectronics for Security. PCO’s Conference

  • Ilustracja: SENER Polska/ESA

On 12th and 13th October 2016, in Rawa Mazowiecka, the second edition of the Optolectronics Conference organized, by the PCO S.A. company, is going to take place. The event also involves the Military University of Technology, Polish Technological Platform on Photonics, as well as the Warsaw University of Technology.

This year’s edition of the conference is organized in line with the following slogan: “Optoelectronics as a key to security and better life of the citizens”. The event will involve numerous plenary speakers, presenting the role and tasks for the optoelectronic industry, for the purpose of implementing the strategy pursued by the Polish Ministry of Defence.

The meeting will also focus on the relevant R&D initiatives and financing options. Moreover, the issue of cooperation between the researchers, armed forces and the industry will also be raised and discussed, within the context of synergy of needs and potential, in the field of optoelectronic solutions. Furthermore, the conference will also include a special discussion panel: “Optoelectronics against the threats for the safety of citizens”.

The whole event is going to make it possible for the speakers and participants to showcase and present their concepts, research results and projects in the field of optronics, that could potentially be used in the areas of economy such as security, forestry, agriculture, transportation or industry. The formula of the two-day event is, according to the assumptions made by the organizers, to make it possible to establish contacts between the persons interested in the issues concerning this wide field of technological development.

The success of the last year’s edition of the Conference led us to organization of the second edition. The first edition has seen a lot of interest and a high level of attendance, gathering together, among other persons, representatives of the Leadership of the Polish Ministry of Defence, scientists and researchers, including the leadership of the most important science universities of Poland as well as representatives of numerous research and scientific institutes and of the industry – as it was stated by Ryszard Kardasz, President of the BoardPCO S.A. We deeply hope that this year’s conference will also form an occasion to expand the network of contacts, expand the experience and expertise, within this very important fieldoptoelectronicspresent in any area of life, science and technology – Kardasz added.

The second edition of the conference is also supported by the Polish Ministry of Defence. The information pertaining to the conference is available via the following website: