ORP “Czernicki” As A Part Of The NATO Response Force. One Year Of Quick Reaction Readiness.

Starting from the 1st day of January, the vessel that is being used for commanding the minehunting operations, ORP “Kontradmirał Xawery Czernicki” (511), is on alert, within the framework of the NATO Response Force (NRF) component. 

The vessel, being a part of the 2nd Mine-Transport Ship Division of the 8th Coastal Defence Flotilla based in Świnoujscie, still remains at its port of origin, however, within just a couple of days it may be sent to any place, all around the globe. The ship is going to be acting under the jurisdiction of NRF throughout the upcoming 12 months.

Preparations for this mission lasted couple of months, and relevant training was being conducted both at the port, as well as within the sea. The ship was examined within the scope of its technical status, while the crew had to pass certification exams, covering the areas of manoeuvring the ship, destroying the surface and airborne targets, or the emergencies.

“Czernicki” is one of the most used and proven ships of the Polish Navy. Back in 2002 the vessel was employed in the Persian Gulf, initially during the “Enduring Freedom” operation, and then, during the land offensive, acting inter alia as an operating base for the special operations component. After the modernization, making it possible to use the vessel as a command ship, she was a flagship for the SNMCMG1 (Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group ONE) group. The ship acted as a base for the international command staff of the group.