PCO S.A At International Expos

  • Logo misji NROL-61, ilustracja: United Launch Alliance
    Logo misji NROL-61, ilustracja: United Launch Alliance

PCO S.A has presented its modular and thermal vision sights, night vision goggles, observation devices for vehicles, flight parameters display systems for the pilots, and self defence systems for vehicles during defence fairs in Slovakia and Bulgaria.

During the period between 10th and 12th May 2016, international IDEB expo took place in Bratislava, involving the PCO S.A. company. During the event, the representatives of the company have presented a miniaturized MU-3M Koliber night vision monocle, SCT Rubin thermal vision firearm optic, DCM-1 Szafir modular daytime sight, PNL-3M Orlik aviation NVG system and PNK-72 Radomka periscope, along with SSP-1 Obra vehicle self-defence suite.

PCO S.A. also has been involved in the HEMUS exhibition which took place in Plovdiv in Bulgaria, between 25th and 28th May this year. The Polish company demonstrated the SCT “RUBIN” thermal-vision scope, PNL-3M “ORLIK” aviation night-vision goggles and DCM-1 “SZAFIR” daytime modular scope, as well as daytime modular DCM-1 sight and MU-3M Koliber night vision monocle during the event in question.

In Poland, the company has showcased its offer during a conference on 12th May, organized under the name of “Modern Technologies for National Security and Border Protection”. There, MU-3ADM night vision / thermal vision device was presented, along with the SCT Rubin firearm optic or NPL-1T thermal vision binoculars.

PCO S.A also attended this year’s edition of the Air Fair event in Bydgoszcz. Between 20th and 21st May, the company presented its aviation-related products, including the PNL-3 Bielik and PNL-3M Orlik night vision systems, and SWPL Cyklop flight parameters display suite, designed for the Mi-17 helicopter crews.