PCO S.A At The First Polish Pro Defense Exhibition

PCO S.A. has presented its products during the Pro Defense exhibition, taking place in Ostróda. Selected products from the domain of individual equipment used by the soldiers have been showcased at the company’s booth. The event involved more than 130 companies and military entities.

Within the framework of the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa’s booth, several PCO S.A products were presented, including the following: DCM-1 “SZAFIR” daytime sights system, SCT “RUBIN” Thermal Vision Firearm Optic, MU-3M “KOLIBER” Night Vision Monocular, Miniaturized PNL-2ADM “SZPAK” night vision goggles, KLW-1 “ASTERIA” thermal vision camera, GOC-1 “NIKE” night vision optronic system or PNL-3M “ORLIK” aviation night vision goggles.

The Pro Defense exhibition is the first event of this type in Poland and Europe. The event involved pro-defence organizations from Poland and other NATO member states. The thematic scope covered by the event involved ammunition, weapons, optics, logistics, communication, rescue equipment, outdoor equipment, training services and literature covering the field.

Two-day long congress, which was organized during the Pro Defense event, in conjunction with the exhibition, made it possible for numerous companies to present the modern military equipment. The participants of the event also had an opportunity to watch demonstrations, prepared by the special forces, which were organized within the area of the Sajmino lake, located in the vicinity of the exhibition halls.

The event's schedule also featured lectures, workshops, presentations and displays and demonstrations. Pro Defense is the first event in Poland covering the area of territorial defence, which is becoming a more and more valid point of interest – not only within the context of the national security, but also in the individual dimension. The exhibition was addressed to the members of the pro-defence and paramilitary organizations, students who are being educated at the military-profiled schools and students of the military universities, as well as hobbyists who are interested in the areas related to the military, survival and outdoor.