PCO S.A Company Attending the Anakonda Exercise and the Balt Military Expo Event

  • Fot. Spc. Christopher Brecht/Wikimedia, Domena Publiczna
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PCO S.A. company was showcasing its products during the NATO Anakonda 2016 exercise which took place in Poland last month. The representatives of the company also attended the Balt Military Expo event organized in Gdansk.

PCO S.A. company was presenting its products throughout the course of the Anakonda-16 multinational military exercise organized by the Polish Armed Forces. The Anakonda operation took place within the period between 7th and 17th June. GOD-1 “IRIS” and GOC-1 “NIKE” optronic suites, as well as KLW-1 “ASTERIA” and KMW-3 “TEMIDA” thermal vision cameras have all been showcased in field conditions. Moreover, a relevant equipment package for the individual soldiers was also demonstrated, including its elements used by the Polish Army: SCT “RUBIN” thermal vision firearm optic, MU-3M night vision monocular, CKW “BAZALT” daytime/night-time sight, and NPL-1M “BROM” night vision binoculars. PCO S.A. has also presented its modernized NPL-1T “AGAT” thermal vision binoculars.

The representatives of the company also made an appearance at the Balt Military Expo event organized in Gdansk. The exhibition in question took place between 20th and 22nd June. Miniaturized PNL-3M “ORLIK” Aviation Night-Vision Goggles were being presented during the event in question. This system has been designed for the helicopter crews, however, it serves a double purpose. The goggles make it possible to conduct night-time flying, they are based on the state-of-the-art XR5 16 mm Image Intensifier, featuring an autogating system. At the moment, PCO S.A is in process of obtaining certificates which would make it possible to introduce the device onto the civilian market.

During the Gdansk expo, the company was also showcasing its miniaturized MU-3M “KOLIBER” monocular and PNL-2 ADM “SZPAK” goggles, dedicated, inter alia, to be used by the drivers of the military vehicles. Among the products presented by the company, we were also able to distinguish the SCT “RUBIN” thermal vision firearm sight and DCM-1 “SZAFIR” Daytime Modular Sight, consisting of a scope and a reflex sight. Additionally, PCO S.A. was presenting its modernized NPL-1T “AGAT” thermal vision binoculars.

Moreover, the company was also awarded with the main prize in the National Security Leader competition, for its KLW-1 “ASTERIA” thermal vision camera.