PCO S.A Night Vision Goggles - “Airport 2016” Conference

  • Pływający kosmodrom Sea Launch. Fot. Sea Launch
    Pływający kosmodrom Sea Launch. Fot. Sea Launch

PCO S.A presented its Night Vision Goggles during the IX Airport International Exhibition and Conference which took place on 4th February in Warsaw.

During the conference, radars, luggage scan devices or weather stations are being demonstrated. PCO S.A company, acting as a part of the Polish Armament Group, also presented its products, during this year’s edition of the Exhibition in question.

The company, at its booth, presented the PNL-3 BIELIK aviation night vision goggles, along with the miniaturized PNL-3M ORLIK aviation NVG system. 

The international conference which, this year, was organized at the Warsaw Novotel hotel, became an opportunity to present solutions, technologies, products and services that could be applied within the airports and airport-related infrastructures, and in the areas of air traffic control and passenger and airport security.