PCO SA Receives Another BCC Business Award

  • Powerpack BE-4 w placówce testowej Blue Origin w Teksasie. Fot. Blue Origin
    Powerpack BE-4 w placówce testowej Blue Origin w Teksasie. Fot. Blue Origin

PCO SA company, which is a part of the Polish Armament Group (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa) has received the fourth diamond award which is to be included in the Golden Statue of the Polish Business Leader. The award has been granted by the Business Centre Club.

The award given to the PCO SA company may be received by a subject, which had received the Golden Statue of the Polish Business Leader already. The diamond award is intended to be given to developing, Polish companies, which have been present within the market for at least a year.  PCO SA Company, along with its president, Ryszard Kardasz, have received the Diamond in 2015 fourth time in a row.

Award has been given during the Gala of the Polish Business Leaders, which took place at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, on 24th January. Ryszard Kardasz, president of the PCO SA company, was there in person, in order to receive the award. This year’s edition focused on entrepreneurs who run their business, at the same time taking care of the national interest, and act in line with the business ethics. Special award in 2015 has been given to the Polish President, Bronisław Komorowski.

PCO SA is a company which delivers optical and electronic systems for the Polish Army, including night vision and thermal vision devices. The company acts as an integrator and leader of the consortium which is responsible for realization of the Tytan future soldier concept, which is one of the elements of technical modernization of the Polish Army. On 21st October 2014 the company has become a part of the Polish Armament Group.

According to the plans made by PCO, Tytan system prototype is to be created this year. Next, the testing programme will commence. At the same time, further development works on thermal vision systems, also systems for the Polish Leopard 2 tanks and Rosomak wheeled APCs, will be continued. The company is also a part of the consortium created by PGZ, in order to prepare an offer in the “Narew” SHORAD programme, which is being supervised by the Polish Armed Forces.