PCO S.A. To Be Involved in the “Day of Light” at the Warsaw University of Technology

  • ALMA czyli największy na świecie interferometr radiowy, znajdujący się na płaskowyżu Chajnantor w Chilijskich Andach na wysokości ponad 5050 m n.p.m. Fot. Clem & Adri Bacri-Normier (, CC BY 4.0

PCO S.A is going to be involved in the “Day of Light” event, organized on 17th March at the Warsaw University of Technology. The event covers the latest issues and developments in the field of photonics. 

During the “Day of Light” event, PCO S.A will present its history and information pertaining to the company. The representatives of PCO S.A. will also attend the first part of the event, within the block which is organized by the Polish Technological Platform on Photonics. During that portion of the conference, a paper is going to be presented, regarding the impact of photonics on our everyday lives.

Career Day is also going to be a part of the event. Representatives of the PCO S.A company will showcase the opportunities related to internships at the companies which constitute a part of the Polish Technological Platforms on Photonics, including PCO S.A.

Photonics, at the moment, is perceived as one of the most innovative market areas in Europe. The related technologies are being used by the energy industry, precision robotic systems and space technologies.

The Light2015 conference, planned to happen on 17th March 2016, constitutes a chance for the entrepreneurs, researchers and students, within the scope of reinforcing and expanding the cooperation. During the event, the participants will also share their experiences related to the scientific research and commercialization of the solutions developed within the field of photonics.

LIGHT 2015 event will begin at 10 AM at the Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology. It is a project which is financed by the European Union, within the framework of the Horizon 2020 initiative, covering the areas of scientific research and innovations. The goal of the Light2015 initiative is to promote photonics among the young people, entrepreneurs and the society, within all of the EU member states. The event constitutes a part of the International Year of Light.