PCO’s Participation in the MSPO 2016 Defence Exhibition

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Within the framework of the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa’s stand at the MSPO 2016 defence exhibition, several products of the PCO S.A company were presented.

This year, visitors could get acquainted with, among other products, the following items contained within the PCO’s offer: MU-2ADM “Szpak” NVGs, MU-3AM night vision monocular, SCT-2 thermal imaging firearm sight, PNL-3M “Orlik” aviation NVGs, and KMW-3 “Temida” thermal imaging camera.

TSO-1 “AGAT” thermal observation system, PNL-3M “ORLIK” goggles and KLW-1R “ASTERIA” IR camera have been entered by PCO S.A to take part in the DEFENDER awards competition, organized during the 24th edition of the MSPO exhibition.

For the PCO S.A company, which is a part of the PGZ Group, involvement in the MSPO exhibition which is one of the most important defence industry events globally, constitutes an opportunity to present its products in the areas of optoelectronics, observation and targeting systems. All of the said products widely utilize laser, TV, NVG and FLIR technologies. The company offers numerous track-proven solutions, as well as some innovative systems, such as the KLW-1R “ASTERIA” camera tailored to be fitted onto the Rosomak APC, or the TSO-1 “AGAT” FLIR observation system destined to be used at night or during the conditions in which the visibility is limited. Not only is the PCO S.A’s offer addressed to the uniformed services, but also to the Territorial Defence component.

During the 24th edition of the MSPO Salon, the products manufactured by PCO could have been seen within the booth of the PGZ company, in hall C.