PGZ and Bell Helicopters signed letter of intention

  • Image Credit: Alan Wilson/Flickr, CC BY 2.0
    Image Credit: Alan Wilson/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

A year after announcing the deal concerning AH-1Z Viper Fighters Polish Armaments Group S.A. (PGZ) and Bell Helicopter signed the second letter of intention. According to the document, the companies are going to cooperate in developing the multitask helicopter UH-1Y Venom’s platform.

The document was signed by Błażej Wojnicz, a PGZ’s CEO and Richard Harris, a Bell Helicopter’s vice CEO on 18th July this year in PGZ’s headquarter. According to Wojnicz the agreement defines the preconditions for further cooperation in the chosen areas, including building new helicopters for the Polish army. The PGZ’s CEO emphasized that the details are confidential.  

Adam Lesiński, a member of the board in PGZ, shed more light on this issue. Lesiński said that the goal is to gain skills in production of several thousand elements of so called „tail log” and a few components connected with it.

The document was also commented by the Bell’s vice CEO. For Richard Harris it contributes to deepening the cooperation with PGZ and foster common actions with Polish arms industry to deliver fighters for the Polish armed forces. The mutual effort will be extended on Polish companies also in the area on multitask aircrafts.