PGZ Awarded During the 3rd Edition of the CYBERSEC Forum

Image Credit: Everest360 via PGZ
Image Credit: Everest360 via PGZ

During the 3rd Edition of the CYBERSEC forum organized in Cracow, covering the strategic cybersecurity issues in Poland, PGZ has been awarded with the European CyberSec Award distinction. PM Beata Szydło has presented the President of the Management Board of the PGZ S.A. company with the award.

Just recently, the Polish Armaments Group has created the QBiTT company, tasked with coordinating the projects and processes in the IT and security sectors. 

The Group’s representatives stress the fact that the PGZ companies are driven to expand their portfolio of the cybersecurity products and solutions, developed both for the Polish military, as well as for the government administration and the subordinated services and units. In order to maintain better coordination of the projects in the field, during this year’s edition of the Kielce MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition, PGZ S.A., together with Exatel S.A., have created a new QBiTT company that is going to gather and focus all of the know-how and expertise remaining in possession of the Polish defence industry in the domains of data protection, ICT security and critical infrastructure security, as well as of cybernetic defence and combat, with the scope of activities also extending to the means of monitoring the net traffic and the anticipation of the potential threats related to usage of the net. The effects and results of the QBiTT’s work would also be offered to NATO allies and partner nations.

Not only should the systems that are being developed and implemented protect the communications and command solutions, they should also protect all of the IT elements decisive for operation of critical and utilities infrastructure. (...) I am convinced that creating the QBiTT company was one of the steps taken in the right direction, with that company expected to make it possible to implement effective management for key projects and cyber-security processes. Not only are we treating the today’s distinction as a prize for the effort that we have made so far, we also treat it as our commitment for the future.

Błażej Wojnicz, President of the Board at the PGZ S.A. Company.

The cyberspace operations are one of the priorities within the scope of the Polish national security, indicated by the General Staff of the Polish Army. The domain lists four fields of focus: cybernetic security, cryptological support, creation and implementation of cryptographic protection solutions, along with an electronic system for management of cryptographic documents.

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In order to complete the tasks in this area the General Staff postulates that a dedicated ICT/IT networks R&D laboratory would be required. Moreover, steps shall be made to create software for recognizing and exploiting the cyber-vulnerabilities. Furthermore, active operations in the cyberspace shall be maintained, with simultaneous introduction of systems that would analyze network traffic and act as early warning assets, detecting the potential threats on the basis of correlation of events and traffic in the cyberspace. Within the framework of the “Cyber-defence and national cryptology” programme, spending has been planned, throughout the upcoming five years, in an amount exceeding one billion zlotys.

CYBERSEC Forum is an annual conference dealing with the European cybersecurity issues. The event forms a platform for cooperation between the governments, international organizations and key entities of the economic sector. The forum is an occasion to exchange the knowledge and experiences, also acting as a tool that promotes the idea of public-private partnership for the purpose of providing security to the society facing the contemporary threats related to dynamic development of the ICT technologies. 

Polish PM, Beata Szydło, along with representatives of the MoD’s leadership, led by Minister Antoni Macierewicz, representatives of NATO and of the EU Member States have all attended the event. The meeting also involves members of the management boards and leading experts of the companies working in this sector. The PGZ Group was represented during the CYBERSEC Forum by the President of the Management Board at the PGZ S.A. company, Błażej Wojnicz, President of the Board at the QBITT Sp. z o.o company Tomasz Dębicki, and Director of the Bureau of Electronics, IT and Cybertechnology of the PGZ Group, Patryk Romatowski.