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PGZ Products Received Defender Awards at MSPO 2016

  • Artystyczna koncepcja załogowej misji na Marsa, 1989 r. Fot. Les Bossinas of NASA Lewis Research Center
    Artystyczna koncepcja załogowej misji na Marsa, 1989 r. Fot. Les Bossinas of NASA Lewis Research Center

On the last day of the MSPO Kielce International Defence Salon, under the honorary patronage provided by the Polish President, Andrzej Duda, companies which introduced the most innovative and prospective products enhancing the national security were awarded with the Defender distinction. Four, out of ten prizes, have been awarded to the companies that constitute a part of the Polish Armaments Group.


DEFENDER award has been given to the Warsaw-based PIT-RADWAR S.A company, belonging to he group, for development of the “Bystra” deployable radar station. The technologically innovative Bystra radar uses an active antenna with semi-conducting transmitting modules, which are cooled with liquid.

The DEFENDER-awarded radar provides the user with options to digitally define the reception beams and to digitally synthesize, encode and filter the signals. The said radar, manufactured by the PIT-RADWAR S.A company, has also been fitted with a special purpose subsystem which allows the user to detect the helicopters in hover. All of the solutions mentioned above are to make it possible to achieve the assumed technical specification, so that the radar may be used as a track and detection suite for the VSHORAD and SHORAD anti-aircraft systems.

High mobility is another important advantage offered by the “Bystra” deployable radar. All of the Radar’s components, including the operator stations, communications suite, navigation system, power generator and power supply system, along with the auxiliary elements, have been placed on the AMZ Żubr-P light armoured platform.

Asteria PCO
Kamera termowizyjna KLW-1R „Asteria” - fot. PGZ

PCO S.A is the second company of the Polish Armaments Group which was awarded with the DEFENDER distinction, during this year’s edition of the Kielce defence fair. The jury decided that KLW-1R ASTERIA thermal vision camera is a product worthy of receiving the DEFENDER statuette. This optronic system may be implemented within a variety of vehicular fire control systems, including the suites used by the Rosomak APC, or the T-72, T-64 and PT-91 Twardy main battle tanks. KLW-1R “Asteria” camera may also be embedded within a variety of reconnaissance/observation suites.  

The camera utilizes a sensor with resolution of 640×512 pixels. Moreover, the system has also been fitted with polarization and image orientation adjustment, crosshairs, x2 and x4 digital zoom, and automatic and manual contrast and brightness adjustment options. The range – in case of the narrow field of view – exceeds 12 000 meters in case of detection, is more than 5 000 meters in case of identification and, finally, exceeds 2 500 meters in case of recognition. When it comes to the wide field of view, the ranges are, respectively, as follows: more than 4600 meters in case of detection, more than 1 500 thousand meters in case of identification and more than 750 meters, in case of recognition.

Moreover, the camera has been fitted with a special electronic packages and advanced image processing and filtering algorithms.

Podwodna stabilizowana platforma OPM - fot. PGZ

OBR CTM S.A. research and development centre (Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. - Maritime Technology Centre Research and Development Facility, also referred to as the CTM) is another company which received the DEFENDER award, for the underwater stabilized minehunting platform. The system is used as an attachment for special reconnaissance systems, sonars, above all. The said platform also features magnetic and electromagnetic detectors, that are capable of detecting bottom and buried mines, through analysis and reception of the characteristics of the secondary magnetic field. This aspect distinguishes the CTM’s product, as buried and bottom mines are usually impossible to be detected by a sonar-based system. The underwater stabilized sensoric platform is one of the first systems of this type in the world, capable of positioning the buried mines with ferromagnetic bodies.

Photo: PGZ.

Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne S.A. – Zielonka is the fourth company which received an award, during the XXIV edition of the MSPO event. The distinguished product comes in a form of the TR-I instruction and training package, making it possible to create an air/missile strike defence scenario and then carry out combat training for the crews of the air/missile defence systems of SHORAD and medium range varieties. TR-I system makes it possible to train 4 air/missile defence system crews at once, in direct connection with the training suite. However, utilizing a command central, the training may be expanded and involve cooperation of even 12 crews. Thanks to the above, the TR-I simulator makes it possible to create a training exercise for the whole Integrated Air Defence System personnel, involving both the air/missile defence system crews, as well as the command component. The aforesaid training simulator has been developed to comply with the needs of the Polish MoD, nonetheless it may also become one of the Polish export products.