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PIAP Robots for Bomb Disposal and Air Defence Units [Defence24 TV]

Łukasiewicz-PIAP Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements booth at MSPO featured many new products this year. ASBOP - Perkun autonomous combat air defence system was the main premiere. The system in question fuses high level of tactical mobility with an ability to rapidly react to airborne threats, as explained by Adam Szepczyński, Marketing Manager at the PIAP institute.

Let us recall the fact that PERKUN’s basic armament comes in a form of two GROM/PIORUN MANPADS launcher systems. The robot uses its own target detection system (thermal imaging and daytime sight) and it can use the IFF system as well. The system may be deployed in rough terrain.

PIAP is also presenting its PIAP Gryf mobile bomb disposal robot with MONOS mobile X-ray system and VIPER CSL 50-30 VIP disrupter.

The next innovative product comes in a form of a radio communications jamming system that is used for the purpose of making bugging impossible, or to hinder and make it more difficult to detonate an explosive charge remotely.

Tactical Thrown Robot (TRM) was also demonstrated by PIAP, along with a ventilation duct mock-up, allowing the visitors to experience the practical aspects of using this innovative system.