PIT-RADWAR Creates the “Lower Level” of the Polish Air-Defence System. Integration of the Missiles and Artillery [ TV]

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Polish PIT-RADWAR company developed a SHORAD system, featuring 35 mm cannons, Poprad SAMs, fire control system packages and the Bystra radar. The said suite has been presented during the MSPO 2016 defence exhibition. Besides that, during the Kielce event, BMS system dedicated for the Rosomak APC platform has also been showcased.

This year, within the PIT-RADWAR S.A’s stand at the Kielce event, we are presenting primarily the SHORAD system.The said system involves both the effectors, fire control and battle management systems, as well as the new Bystra radar - as we were told by Jerzy Milosz, PIT-RADWAR S.A’s Manager for R&D and Implementatiion.

According to Miłosz, Bystra radar is a new product, manufactured in Poland in its entirety. It is a multifunctional radar, fitted with an active antenna array consisting of semi-conducting liquid-cooled modules. Bystra is capable of detecting manned and unmanned aircraft and mortar rounds. 

Bystra provides the data referring to the airborne objects, and relays it to the control system and the effectors, such as our Poprad anti-aircraft systems, or the 35 mm cannons presented here.

Jerzy Milosz, PIT-RADWAR S.A’s Manager for R&D and Implementation.

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The role of the effectors - weaponry contained within the anti-aircraft package developed by PIT-RADWAR - is taken by the self-propelled Poprad systems armed with the Grom/Piorun missiles, or by the 35 mm cannons. The company’s stand featured two anti-aircraft guns. One of them (AG-35) has been fitted with an optronic sensor which provides it with a capability of oerating in an autonomous manner, once the objects of interest are indicated. The second system (A-35) is being controlled directly from the Fire Control Vehicle which is fitted with optronic systems used for guidance and target-tracking.

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The second product, presented during this year’s edition of the MSPO exhibition, was the Battle Management System. “The BMS system itself is used for battle management at the battalion level, covering battalion-, company-, platoon- and team-sized elements.On any platform using that system, an IT system is installed, along with work stations, server and communications suite providing the connectivity between the vehicles” - as it was explained by Andrzej Kątcki, Head of the C4ISR systems Bureau.

According to Kątcki, installing the BMS system on the vehicles used by the Polish Army, including the Rosomak APC, will make it possible for the actors within the battlefield, using the said suite, to have access to the same information pertaining to own and enemy forces and to the plan of operation. The data above may be used for better synchronization of the activities undertaken in the battlezone, also minimizing the chance of occurrence of the friendly fire incidents for instance. UAV systems, for example, may act as the sensor suite of the BMS system.

Three basic tasks are present, when this system is implemented. Creation of a communications suite, which, on the battlefield based on mobile systems, may pose a challenge - here software-defined radios are going to be used. Another issue is seen in the software - it is important to take care of the technologies used to develop them, so that the software may be expanded, enhanced in the future, in the light of the growing requirements. The third issue is related to integration of the system with the standard equipment of the Rosomak APC.

Jerzy Milosz, PIT-RADWAR S.A’s Manager for R&D and Implementation.