PIT-RADWAR to Support Maintenance of the SIGINT Systems

PRP-25 (GUNICA) Passive Reconnaissance System. Image Credit: PIT-Radwar
PRP-25 (GUNICA) Passive Reconnaissance System. Image Credit: PIT-Radwar

3rd Regional Logistics Base announced that a negotiation procedure has been initiated, within the scope of carrying out maintenance and repairs of the military GUNICA M and S systems. PIT-RADWAR company has been awarded with the order worth more than PLN 11 million, and the implementation has been defined as highly urgent.

The order concerns repairs, diagnostics and maintenance for the onboard SIGINT systems of the GUNICA M and S platforms. According to the requirements, the agreement in question has been signed with a validity term defined as 2017-2019. Moreover, it is also assumed that assets allocated to implementation may be higher, within the optional expansion of the subject of the agreement. 

According to the information released, the value of the whole order is estimated to be higher than PLN 11 million, which also includes the option. 

According to the announcement made by the Base in the Official Journal of the European Union, initiation of the procedure without a relevant announcement results from a “crisis”. PIT-RADWAR company is the sole entity that made a submission to take part in the procedure that had been announced earlier. On 10th April, its offer in a limited tender concerning diagnostics, repairs and maintenance of the GUNICA M and S SIGINT systems, due to lack of compliance with the terms of reference, was rejected, nonetheless a decision was made to initiate the work immediately, due to the technical condition of the equipment.

The order is implemented in an urgent manner, since it concerns maintenance of the EW systems in a fully operational status, with those systems being embedded within the PRP-25M and PRP-25S solutions (GUNICA), utilized by the air force SIGINT units, for the purpose of automated detection, recognition, tracking, monitoring and locking-onto emitters installed on any type of aircraft, ground and naval platforms, and for the purpose of gathering the data that would allow the user to determine the position of those units. The stations developed by PIT-RADWAR and installed on ground platforms are used for the purpose of gathering radar-related, navigation-systems and IFF/jamming systems SIGINT.

Thus there is an urgent need to provide technical maintenance for those systems, due to the technical faults that render the stations unusable within the integrated reconnaissance subsystem of the Polish Army. According to the 3rd Regional Logistics Base, the agreement covering the repairs was to be signed by the end of April, defined as the ultimate deadline. Due to the technical status of the equipment, a decision was made to initiate negotiation involving the PIT-RADWAR company. Once the agreement with the contractor is signed, a separate announcement within which the order would be awarded is going to be made.