Poland Issued no Airspace Restrictions for the Russian Humanitarian Aid Flights Headed to Italy. Coronavirus Employed by Kremlin as Means of Propaganda [COMMENTARY]

24 marca 2020, 17:49
Russian humanitarian aid being loaded onto the Il-76 airlifters. Image Credit: mil.ru

The Russian media have published claims suggesting that Poland did not grant permissions for the Russian aircraft carrying coronavirus humanitarian aid to Rome to enter the Polish airspace. Reportedly, for those reasons, the Russian planes need to use a longer route of 2,400 kilometers, passing over the Black Sea, Turkey, Greece, and Albania. The Polish MoD issued a brief and clear response to the aforesaid claims: The Russian side has not been submitting any request to enter the Polish airspace.

Moscow has created intense publicity around the flights of the Russian aircraft carrying humanitarian aid and medical personnel to Italy. The Italians, for some time now, have been losing their battle with coronavirus. Tonnes of equipment and medical personnel have been transported by aircraft on 22nd and 23rd March. This has been done based on a memorandum resulting from a phone call between Vladimir Putin (President of Russia) and Giuseppe Conte (Italian PM). Relevant intergovernmental memoranda pertaining to that matter have also been signed on the governmental level, between the heads of the Ministries of Defence: Sergei Shoygu and Lorenzo Guerini.

Five Il-76MD airlifters flew from the Chkalovsky base, 31 kilometers from Moscow, to the Italian Pratica di Mare airbase near Rome, hailing from the so-called 224th Air Detachment. The airlifters covered a route of 2,400 kilometers, flying near Voronezh, Rostov on Don, to cross the Black Sea, enter the Turkish airspace, passing Istanbul, Thessaloníki in Greece and flying over Albania.  As shown by Flightradar24.com, after crossing the Adriatic Sea the aircraft entered the Italian airspace and then headed to Rome.

Route of the Russian humanitarian aid airlift operation - Moscow-Rome. Image Credit: www.Flightradar24.com

The whole operation has gained a lot of publicity in the Russian media, as an example of solidarity with the suffering Italians. However, it was on 23rd March when unexpected accusations were made against Poland. Supposedly, Warsaw was to make it impossible for the Russians to use a much shorter route, via Belarus, Poland and then south, to Italy. For reasons that are quite obvious, the Russian aircraft avoid the Ukrainian airspace.

“The Russian aircraft carrying aid to Italy cannot use the Polish Airspace”, Sputnik reported, similarly to other media and many voices across the Internet, quoting Alexei Pushkov, one of the Russian politicians. He chairs the Committee on Informational Policy of the Council of the Russian Federation. He is also the host and author of the analytical “Postcriptovym” analytical TV program broadcast by the state-owned TV “Tsentr”. It was on 23rd March 2020 when he posted the following via his social media channels:

“Poland did not let the Russian aircraft carrying aid to Italy pass through its airspace. This is mean, at the public policy level. Especially in the light of the fact that the aid was sent to an ally of Poland, in NATO and EU. From now on, Russia shall not be meeting Poland half-way. In any domain!”


Pushkov's tweet was deleted after the present article was published. Image: Twitter

Based on the release above, and based on the route of the Russian jets, an intense propaganda campaign has been launched. The campaign accuses Poland of making the delivery of aid more difficult. It also portrays Warsaw to be permanently Russophobic and to work for Donald Trump. More accusations follow. The activities in question had been provoked by journalists of Russia Today and Sputnik, quoting Pushkov, which had preceded the official releases. No source was mentioned, even though they were claiming to have sent questions on that matter to the Polish authorities.

Defence24.pl asked some questions to the Polish MoD and the General Command of the Armed Forces, investigating the matter. According to Polish law, these bodies are authorized to grant a permit for military aircraft to fly in the Polish airspace. We have received a response within 1 hour. 

The Russian side has not been submitting any request to enter the Polish airspace. The flight route was planned via Russia, Turkey, Greece, Albania, and Italy.

Press Department, Polish Ministry of Defence

This brief release should be enough to rectify the issue - but we suspect that the matter will still be a subject that is going to be used in the fake narrative. This may be seen as one of the numerous attempts made to create a conflict between the EU and NATO member states that are facing the pandemic and that are experiencing a crisis that also entails a heavy emotional load.

PANSA (Polish Air Navigation Services Agency) also referred to the broadly defined situation in the Polish airspace. The agency is responsible for managing the aircraft traffic in the Polish airspace. 

It is not true that the Polish airspace has been closed for the aircraft of Russian origin. The airspace over Poland is open, efficiently managed and safe. The aircraft traffic over Poland has been unrestricted.

Paweł Łukaszewicz, PANSA Spokesman

Despite the extraordinary circumstances caused by the epidemic and despite the airliners' traffic limitations, all of the other traffic continues without any interruptions. The situation also had no impact on HEMS, General Aviation or operations undertaken by uniformed and rescue services. Russian aircraft fly over Poland daily - an example can be seen in today’s Aeroflot’s flight from Moscow to Rome, with its route having been planned across Poland. 

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wtorek, 24 sierpnia 2021, 13:04

The Russians were interested in a longer flight route because they wanted to earn more for charter

niedziela, 5 kwietnia 2020, 12:01

It appears that Russian initiative of delivering "military humanitarian aid" (?!) to Italy and recently to US is ending as most of Kremlin's "grand endeavours" in tragicomic manner, backfiring at its architects. As mentioned below one of the oldest and most respected Italian newspaper La Stampa investigated technical aspects of the Russian aid, and published opinions expressed by officials of Italian Disease Control Authority that chemical warfare decontamination units are simply useless in this particular case (80% of the equipment was of little or no use) It also suggested the activity could lead to a security breach because of the large number of Russian military involved. Story repeated by other Italian and world media caused angry response from Kremlin's propaganda. Spokesman of Russian MOD gen Konashenkov accused Italians of slandering "noble mission" and again repeated Russian mantra regarding 1) "western mainstream media" 2) "fake news" 3) "RUSSOPHOBIA". (If someone didn't notice so far, these three items are compulsory to appear in most of the Kremlin's press releases :)) Then Konashenkov proceeded to what Italians perceived as tiny veiled threat on the life of the reporter who wrote the stories and an attack on press freedom, writing : the paper should learn a Roman proverb “He that diggeth a pit, shall fall into it.” (it is actually not "Roman proverb" but quote from the Bible: "Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him" but again would be hard to expect graduate of the communist Soviet Air Defence Academy to be to strong on the Bible issues). This in turn prompted Italian Foreign and Defence Ministries to issue joint statement: "In being grateful for this concrete manifestation of support, one cannot, at the same time, not condemn (Konashenkov’s) inappropriate tone. Freedom of expression and the right of criticism are fundamental values of our country, as is the right of reply... At this time of global emergency, the role of the free press to check and analyze remains more essential than ever.” It is worthwhile to notice that gen Konashenkov along with Kremlin's spokesman Peskov over the years have acquired reputation for disseminating some of the most squalid products of Russian propaganda: denial of Russian troops presence during annexation of Crimea, accusations of Ukrainian Su-25 Frogfoot ground attack acft downing MH017, denial of Russian war crimes in Syria and many others, and here in my opinion we reach the essence of Kremlin's "information policy". Many of us remember Iraq and press briefings of "Comical Ali" al Sahhaf. Frankly it was fun to watch his briefings, even though he called us "bludsucking insects" and just like Russians was extremely inventive in producing most insane stories ("American soldiers committing suicide by hundreds on the outskirts of Baghdad"), and most famous, the last appearance when he declared that "Iraq is winning the war", as press conference held outdoor when he was talking about Americans being burned in their tanks, some M1A1s appeared on the highway in the background which he immediately commented "see ! THEY ARE RUNNING AWAY! Look how scared they are! Their latches are all closed!". My point is that Ali was lying, he knew that he was lying, and he knew that world knows that he was lying, but he was having fun while doing it and yes we did have fun watching him live on CNN. Now it comes to the essence of Russian propaganda. It is impossible to "have fun" being exposed to it, even in smallest doses. After initial and inevitable questions relating to mental health of its recipients it becomes clear that Russians being as absurd (if not more) as Ali, remain absolutely serious and with high efficiency are producing constant stream of rude, primitive, poisonous lies, full of unquestionable hatred to democracy and civilization and in wider terms most -if not all- values on which civilized societies are built. Above report re alleged "Poland closing airspace" is prime example. And as post scriptum to the story: Russian "aid" shipments have been criticized in Russia as their own hospitals face dire shortages of all supplies to fight pandemic. Their Doctor's Alliance trade union compared situation to 1930's when during great famine that killed millions, Soviet Russia exported grain in order to buy arms. As reported by BBC the head of Doctor's Alliance has just been placed into custody for "breaching quarantine regulations".

piątek, 3 kwietnia 2020, 21:25

CORPSES are piling up in UItaly, and Russia wants to help control and prevent the spread of this deadly disease, and Polish/NATO bureaucrat says, "No, you need more documents." Poland is in "Good Company" with the disinformation spewed out 24/7 by Western media. Yes, they are, and it appears that this is just another example they are are lying about too.

Old Greybeard
wtorek, 7 kwietnia 2020, 20:52

Corpses piled up in Katyn. Misinformation denied, and continued to deny, any russian involvement

piątek, 3 kwietnia 2020, 22:09

da , da "Dzheyms".. "Rossiya wonts to gyelp" .. perhaps for starters help yourselves and build some more toilets with hot running water as according to data provided by Russian Statistical Service to WHO (easy to verify on the net) nr of toilets (incl public) per capita in Russia equals to 0.98 ! To compare average for European countries exceeds 103 toilets/per capita and for USA 114 ? It remains beyond the doubt that frequent hand washing drastically reduces chances of infection and prevents spread of disease.

sobota, 4 kwietnia 2020, 00:30

How is it relevant, how many toilets are in each country?

sobota, 4 kwietnia 2020, 01:09

Well, I guess it was somehow clumsy attempt to hint how pointless it is to spread Russian propaganda on professional military forum. Then again it is pointless to hint anything to Russian, and in general, best method of hinting when dealing with crooks and war criminals involves holding a solid baseball bat in hand.

piątek, 3 kwietnia 2020, 21:20

Poland maintains a policy of refusing Russian overflights, that is clear. This story is disinformation.

piątek, 17 kwietnia 2020, 13:47

Yes you Russian troll

Eid Azar
czwartek, 2 kwietnia 2020, 13:59

If the news about Poland is correct! there is no room for peace and humanitarian support in these circumstances!!! unbelievable!!!

środa, 1 kwietnia 2020, 01:46

These were military aircrafts from Russia Federation. Not surprised Poland had refused this. Actually I think this news is highly likely to be true. Not the same as the Aeroflot civilian planes. Comparing apples to oranges.

poniedziałek, 30 marca 2020, 21:10

Well keeping in mind that poland bloked thousands of baltic state citizens without any aid and food near the border, for some reason i consider that the information Polish MoD gave you is a lie such as this post.

poniedziałek, 30 marca 2020, 12:55

According to Estonian Ministry of Defence NATO Air Policing jets were scrambled four times between 22MAR-29MAR20 to identify and escort Russian aircraft in the airspace over the Baltic Sea that did not file flight plans before flying through Baltic airspace, had their transponders turned off and did not communicate by radio when requested. Again "Putin's Eagles" prove themselves to be rather dumb "Putin's Thieving Mugpies" (or "Le gazze ladri" for the purpose of flts to Italy).

poniedziałek, 30 marca 2020, 09:22

From the recently published EU Foreign Service report: "Scientists: coronavirus is weapon of biological warfare" on Russian website sputniknews.com was the top bogus story with 11,210 shares on social media platform Facebook" ..." PRC foreign ministry spokesman Lijian Zhao retweeted a bogus Russian article entitled "Covid-19: further evidence that the virus originated in the US".... Russian messages "advance a narrative that coronavirus is a human creation, weaponised by the West," the internal EU report said. They are meant to sow "confusion, panic, and fear" in line "with the Kremlin's broader strategy of attempting to subvert European societies,". At the same time issue of coronavirus in Russia was literally nonexistent in the coverage of their propaganda tubes until very recently, now they shift focus to "prove" how well Kremlin is handling situation comparing to western democratic governments where societies "are on the edge of collapse" . As for Russian "humanitarian aid" to Italy one may ask if army chemical warfare units along with "brilliant scientists who brought to you polonium tea and Novichok" meet needs of Italians, as local media ("La Stampa" , RAI) describe 80% of equipment brought by Russians as "useless" in this particular case, pointing out that MEDEVAC Airbus 310 sent by Germany truly contributes in saving human lives.

niedziela, 29 marca 2020, 21:33

Rusian idiots again!!!

YYZ Flyer
poniedziałek, 30 marca 2020, 06:25

The russians are pathetic liars.Even Goebels was not that bad. Recently the idiotoc RT , run by certified cretins ran a report on Venezuela showing supermarkets overflowing with goodies. I just arrived to Miami from Caracas-the country is dead!You'd think that the russians have smartened up after the collapse of the USSR..It has not happened.Russia belongs to Asia.

me, myself and i
czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2020, 10:12

Everybody is so jealous of Russia. I've spent years there and it's a great country. I've been to Poland many times too and it is okay but not as important in history as Russia. The Poles are Slavic traitors btw.

tylko ja
czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2020, 18:49

Taking advantage of Russian visiting Polish forum, could you pls explain to us who are those mythical "Slavs" who appeared first time in the Muscovite propaganda in late XIX century? Poles, Czechs or Croatians consider themselves Europeans who speak respective languages belonging to the group of Slavonic languages. Following Russian "logic" and propaganda would that mean that Britons or Dutch or Scandinavians whose languages belong to Germanic group are Germans? Please do me big favour and tell it to England's squad or FC Rangers football fans, and TRUST ME the best moment would be when they sing "Dam Busters March" or "There Were 10 German Bombers in the Air", (make sure that your Russian insurance covers face reconstruction though). I can assure you that European Slovak, Pole or Slovenian has less in common with Asian Russians then professor of University of Madrid with the Colombian druglord (after all they speak same language?) P.S. Personally I know only few words in Russian but most important I've learned is that "FU" in Russian is "TRUST ME!"

GeorgW YYZ
poniedziałek, 30 marca 2020, 06:20

Goebels trained them and the russian are good students!

Friar Tuck
niedziela, 5 kwietnia 2020, 23:46

According to officials of Hell's Penitentiary Service (speaking on condition of anonymity) dr Joseph Goebbels presently serving eternity at maximum security VIP Nazi/Communist section of hell, as part of his sentence is forced to watch Russia Today for at least 12 hrs a day on HTCN (Hell Today Cable Network). This is causing him additional discomfort and aggravation and he is heard yelling in pain "Verdammte Scheisse !!! WTF didn't I come up with it !!!"

niedziela, 29 marca 2020, 18:46

Clearly, Russians have lied about the case and spread fake news. At the same time they hide info about the virus rampage on their own territory. Thousands of Russians will day just because government prefers propaganda to truth.

czwartek, 26 marca 2020, 19:10

russian KACAP i seriusly debil.

piątek, 27 marca 2020, 11:53

The Polish government is CLEARLY Russophobic, no question about that. Anyone who is objective and lives in Poland, follows media knows this. On the other hand the U.S. gets "kissed all over". Somehow many people in Poland do not understand that what is "good" for the U.S. may not be for Poland and the Polish people.

piątek, 27 marca 2020, 13:36

BINGO! Even reliable -alternative media like "Russia Today" and "Sputnik" notice that RUSSOPHOBIA is a dangerous virus that has spread over the globe in the past few years, and subject this noun to all forms of declention in every single story. According to Russian "media" other prime examples of omnipotent russophobia include but are not limited to: World Anti-Doping Agency, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, International Olympic Committee, Intl Red Cross/Red Crescent, UN Investigative Team for Syria, ICC and Judicial system of Netherlands in particular, World Athletics, Govnmts of USA (#1 "Big Satan") Poland (just little tiny satan but helping Big Satan) UK, Canada, Germany, Bulgaria, Australia, Norway ..... hypocritical, deceitful "MAINSTREAM MEDIA" in civilized countries reporting i.e. on alleged Russian secret police hit squads performing executions of Kremlin's opponents in UK, Germany or Bulgaria, or spreading lies about Russia's responsibility in downing yet another civilian airliner (b.t.w the "score" of 7 aircraft and over 1000 innocent victims makes Russia not only "inventor" but also unquestionable leader in this "activity")..... wow .. have to apologize to all govmts and intl organizations I have omitted. So you have to admit that Poland is in good company? And accusations of Poland being " US vassal" and concern (genuine I'm certain) about what is "good" for Polish people, coming from former Mongol vassals and soon to be full fledged economic vassals of People's Republic of China is truly touching even though more pathetic.

piątek, 27 marca 2020, 21:22

great answer.

czwartek, 26 marca 2020, 18:04

today is 2020,

środa, 25 marca 2020, 13:07

Another fake news originating in the basements of Moscow's Ministry of Propaganda. Brief look at the map above confirms absurdity of Russian claims, as they could simply opt for route over intl waters of the Baltic Sea and directly south over Germany/Switzerland saving hours of the flt time. Actual chosen route indicates that Russian preferred to remain in their own airspace for as long as possible avoiding not only overflying Crimea but also Simferopol FIR controlled by Ukraine (UKFV High Seas sector covers most of the Black Sea reaching deep south to FIR Ankara 42'N). In this way Russian crews followed route familiar to them from earlier supply missions to Syria. For most of their military Transport Command crews flying in congested (even today) unfamiliar European airspace might be somehow uncomfortable experience, especially considering necessity of turning transponders ON :))) As for the recent rabid unwarranted attacks of the Kremlin propaganda directed at Poland, it might be good opportunity to use incoming anniversary of VE day which in Russia will be celebrated as national/religious holiday to strike back and to remind them of one of the most heinous actions of the Soviet Russia in WW2, which was denial of overflight and landing rights to the Allied crews participating in Warsaw Airlift of 1944. To be more specific, Russians not only refused to allow Polish, SAAF/RAF/RCAF/RAAF and USAAF acft flying supplies from Italy to Capital of Poland to use airfields located in part of Poland occupied by Soviet Russia at that time (ban included even damaged aircraft, nearest airfield under Russian control was only 25 miles from WAW) but also as reported by RAF and SAAF crews, fired at aircraft en route to WAW (incl Liberator of flt/lt Liversidge RAAF damaged by Russian AA continued to WAW on three engines, after completing drop downed by German night fighter over Cracow, story confirmed by AG who managed to bail out and was rescued by the Polish Home Army). Ignoble Russian actions prompted frustrated PM Churchill to dispatch msg to Pres Roosevelt (now declassified) in which he strongly proposes immediate hold to lend & lease shipments to Soviet Russia. Allied airdrop missions to WAW have acquired due reputation of the most dangerous missions of the WW2, Air Chief Marshall Slessor called them "suicidal" and stated in his memoirs "I hope there is a special place in hell reserved for Stalin and his henchmen" as Russian actions contributed to the loss of lives of many Poles/South Africans/Britons/Canadians/Australians and Americans.

piątek, 27 marca 2020, 11:55

Actually, Russian aircraft have also been using the route over the Baltic and Germany, so your further comment is actually worthless.

piątek, 27 marca 2020, 14:29

Well, Aeroflot is flying frequently over Germany and Baltic, as for Russian Air Force they certainly fly often over Baltic Sea, North Sea, Atlantic, Pacific. Problem is that they have idiotic habit of entering congested civilian air corridors with their transponders turned off and not following international radio communication procedures, which at one occasion caused near collision with SAS DH4 taking off from CPH to GDN, and necessitated diversion of passenger transatlantic traffic destined for DUB, MAN, LHR,LGW at another. Thus even though Russian propaganda calls their air force crews "Putin's Eagles", within international aviation community they are more commonly known as morons/cretins/imbeciles/jerks/f..... russki f...../s...heads/drunk m.... f.... l..../etc (multiple choice). Fact that at least 3 UN reports and IRC statement regarding Syria have earned them reputation of war criminals is another story. Recommended reading: recently published (NYT) transcripts of their radio communications (so they do know how to use the radio after all?) intercepted while on the bombing missions of hospitals in Idlib targeted according to exact coordinates provided to Russians by UN/IRC in order to protect Health Care facilities.

piątek, 27 marca 2020, 21:24


środa, 25 marca 2020, 23:36

Soviet forces lost 600000 soldiers liberating Poland. Be careful what you wish for. There might be a spot for you too in that "special place in hell".

piątek, 24 kwietnia 2020, 16:34

Poor soviets. They liberated Poland at the end of XX century, leaving at last our country, but left it totally deslvastated of its presence here. Don't believe russians, they are big liars.

piątek, 27 marca 2020, 16:23

To jest grozba !!!!! Wiec to nie na miejcu. Grozby to metalnosc KGB a nie w wolnych krajach !!!

piątek, 27 marca 2020, 21:03

tak panie BUBA, groźba karalna :) KGB style threat. So if some red haired 38DD/24/36 stranger girl speaking with Russian accent offers me complementary tea at the airport lounge, or if courier delivers to my doorsteps bottle of USD2300 Clive Christian no1 aftershave that I'd never ordered, I'll better get in touch with relevant counter intelligence authorities :))

Znajdź Prawdę
czwartek, 26 marca 2020, 16:25

Soviets liberated nobody. They were directed to take over. Then they dived Poland and took what they wanted. Oh, let’s not forget how the Russians took my people to slave and starve them in Siberia. Russia was and is the evil beast whom everyone should consider as such.

czwartek, 26 marca 2020, 10:14

You touched on interesting topic: Does nr "600K" killed , promoted by Russian propaganda and Putin himself apply to Soviet losses in Poland within 1939 borders or borders after 1945? Does it include Soviets KIA during invasion of Poland in 1939 in alliance with Nazi Germany? Does it include Polish Citizens illegally conscripted to the Red Army or so called "Polish Army" units commanded by Soviet officers? If 600K lost on the territory of Poland within post 1945 borders most of those troops were killed while conquering German lands of Lower Silesia, Brandenburg/Pomerania and East Prussia representing more than 30% of the area of modern day Poland, and should Poles feel responsible for the horrendous losses of the Red Army caused mostly by employment of tactics that in all civilized countries would be considered as CRIMINAL and commanders applying them would be court martialled and promptly executed? When the Russian military archives were made accessible for historical research for a short time period in 1990's, reports of the field commanders filed in 1944-45 indicate that up to 10% of the losses were caused by alcohol poisoning, most of them by drinking industrial alcohol of unknown source many by sheer volume consumed, so it appears that 60K of the "heroes" died rather happy? By most conservative estimates Red Army is responsible for the rape of 1.5 million women aged 9 - 90, on the territory of modern days Poland (again mostly Silesia and Pomerania). Exact numbers will never be known but numbers of abortions and VDs pandemics reported also in other European countries "liberated" by Soviets seem to support it, that would translate to 2.5 women raped for 1 soldier lost? Next issue: why only s e v e n t y t h o u s a n d s of Red Army soldiers buried in Poland are identified by name (btw Polish Red Cross Central Archive is doing wonderful job in identifying Soviets killed and assisting Russians trying to locate their missing relatives)? Why elaborate Soviet war memorials started to be built only after Red Army had entered Europe while most of the war dead in Russia are buried in unmarked and often forgotten mass graves (mostly in the very place they had fallen)? Would that be normal in any civilized country that the number of the war dead is unknown and still subject to debate? Russian MOD in 1990's has verified number of the military casualties to be 8.9 million, while Central Military Archive (reporting to the same MOD) supports the number of 13.5 million. Country that canot account for 4 600 000 of its soldiers?????? And just to compare total German losses on the Eastern front for the period 22.06.1941 - 31.12.1944 reached 1.1 mln KIA and 800K MIA (mostly POW killed and perished in Soviet captivity). Numbers confirmed by German OKW reports in German and Allied archives. And be careful before you tell Poles that the "Soviet forces liberated Poland". Be careful because in extreme circumstances your face might require surgical reconstruction. Poles liberated themselves after struggle of 1980-1989. Not to mention other European countries sized by Soviets in 1944-45 have also experienced repeated "Soviet liberation" - Hungary in 1956 or Czechoslovakia in 1968. And there is a reason why for almost half of European countries WW2 has really ended in 1989.

środa, 25 marca 2020, 20:03

What kind of a bitch you must be to write this commentary. The article above is about the quarrel between Polish and Russian propagandists. The Russians have simply not asked for permission. Permission from whom? Remember how France, Spain and Portugal closed their airspace for the plane of Bolivian president Evo Morales and forced him to land in Vienna where his plane was illegally searched by the Austrian authorities despite its absolute diplomatic immunity. Four countries braking international laws just after a brief phone call from their US masters. And if they had turned the transponders off how would you be able to see the graphics above, you fool? Stalin is the uncle of Mr Saakashvili and his only monuments are in Georgia not in Russia. He has murdered even more Russians than Polish. Like hundreds of times more.

piątek, 27 marca 2020, 11:58

BINGO! You are 100 percent correct. But then you are looking at things objectively, not through glasses you have been given by the U.S.. Vassals of that country simply are what they are ....

Sister Mary "The Penguin" Stigmata & Father Matthew "Rickety Cricket" Mara
środa, 25 marca 2020, 23:18

@UWA: Your decent English would indicate one of the native English speakers employed by the Russian "media" maybe even "Sputnik" or "Russia Today TV" mentioned in the story above? Your emotional (even though slightly off topic) comment denotes somehow bitter person likely in need of help. Possibly process of registering with DOJ under provisions of FARA was for you difficult stigmatizing experience. But remember the adulterous woman in John 8:1-11. The woman who also was a prostitute. Jesus hinted that he was God and has the authority to condemn sin, but he chooses to forgive. We will be praying for you ! P.S. We are quite certain that PM of Hungary Imre Nagy, President of Afghanistan Khan, Representative Larry McDonald, Charge d'Affairs Henry W. Antheil Jr of the US Mission to Estonia, Consul of Sweden in Budapest Raoul Wallenberg, all of them felt much better knowing that they enjoyed absolute diplomatic immunity as they were being murdered by the Russians?

środa, 25 marca 2020, 23:53

Dear Brother and Sister, you like the person above remind of historic facts from an era that is in the past of Russia. It is like saying about the Germans today through the prism what their Nazi deeds. I will not put down here the names of politicians murdered by the continuous democracy of the US and A ;) as Borat would have said, because the posts are probably limited in size. You could start after Wallenberg with Mr Folke Bernadotte and end with US puppet Saddam or Al Baghdadi. Passing through Mosaddegh, Diem, Trujillo and so on. The comment above was unnecessarily trying to divert attention from the real story - Russia's help to Italy. The article is also aimed at that. "Your decent English would indicate one of the native English speakers employed by the Russian "media". Really? Is this how far your imagination would go? English is not even my second language and surely it is not native. Have you not met educated people? I speak five languages like "native" even with the accent although the locals will tell. As to my "bitterness". Yes, there is that bitterness inside me. I would like everybody to be as happy in life and be as positive as I am. And I am bitter because there is that misfortune around the world. How can I help that bitter person above and the bitter journalist to not spit on the Russians at least when they are doing a good job? Why are they doing that? There is no god but I am happy for you that you believe and you do not need spiritual help. Employed by Russian media? Come on. Do not be that bitter ;) I have one boss only and she is my wife.

Friar Tuck
czwartek, 26 marca 2020, 11:55

Dear son UWA, Sister Mary "The Penguin" and Father Matthew "RC" are way to lenient and merciful on you. Personally I tend to lean to St Paul's views on prostitution who used the strongest Greek wording possible to condemn this practice. Christians are explicitly commanded to avoid involvement in prostitution. Prostitution on behalf of the Russian state in particular (vide Rev Cleophus James, Letter to the Triple Rock Baptist Congregation 6:11). I would like to believe that your statements above resemble truth, just fact that while reading them .. strange smell .. combination of odours.. sulfur ..and standard issued Russian army footwraps (?) coming out of my WiFi cnxn??? For now let's compromise that coordinating conjunctions in your post ARE true. As for correlative, subordinating and conjunctions of time, in my humble opinion it would be prudent to review them on case by case basis. Now, you have made a valid point: "It is like saying about the Germans today through the prism what their Nazi deeds". Problem is that Germans HAVE and ARE accepting responsibility for their ancestors crimes, have, are and will be apologizing for them till the end of the world. They are not using "excuse" that you are promoting in regards to Stalin: "Hitler after all he was not German but Austrian and he murdered more Germans than Austrians"? It is impossible to see Germans marching the streets with the red flags adorned with the Swastikas/Hakenkreuz and pictures of Hitler, and we both know that every May 9th this is a common picture in Russia, thousands marching with red flags with hammer and sickle, flags representing murderous system responsible for death of more human beings than Hitler, Genghis Khan and Pol Pot combined. And yes there will be numerous posters/pictures of Stalin. It is easy to verify , just watch official Russian TV coverage of the last years celebrations. Also in PRC the ruling elites meet under red flags and pictures of Mao, who achieved disgraceful 2nd place in the biggest mass murderers in history ranking with at least 50 mln victims. That probably confirms cultural kinship of Russian elites with other Asian countries where telling the truth is perceived as a SIGN of WEAKNESS and so is admitting mistake equals to unforgivable LOSING of FACE !!!! "Cultural" kinship btwn Russians and other Asians has been best described by gen G.S. Patton in the summer of 1945 as well as he was pointing out complete futility of attempts to understand this phenomenon. In summary, leave the path of sin my son, as you wouldn't like to share for eternity the cauldron full of boiling tar with some sexy Russian persons like Brezhnev or Putin? and while admiring originality of your nick I remain, your humble servant,

środa, 25 marca 2020, 02:04

In the Polish political elites expressed outrage at the Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov about the flight of transport planes with teams of doctors and medical equipment to Italy. Recall that Russia sent at least 14 special cushions to assist Italy in the fight against the pandemic of coronavirus. The Chairman of the Commission on information policy of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Alexei Pushkov said that Poland is not missed through its airspace the aircraft, bound for Italy. That is why the Russian transport Ilam had to make a detour of several hundred kilometers more optimal route, making the flight over Krasnodar region, Black sea, Turkey and southern Europe. In Poland on charges of non-admission of Russian aircraft in the airspace of the country responded with a statement that Moscow with a similar request to the official Warsaw is not addressed. From the statement of the Deputy head of the Polish foreign Ministry M. Pcidata: The Russians did not request permission to fly through Polish airspace. They were Indignant about the words of rejection of the Warsaw Russian aircraft and the representative of the Polish Agency for air navigation services Paul Lukashevich in an interview with Onet, and told where the poles tweet about Pushkov: Polish airspace open for transit. It is a lie that we didn't want to miss the Russian planes. According to our findings, the Agency has not received any plans of flights from Russia, and this is a key element of attempts to obtain permission to transit. The plan provides basic information about the flight, including takeoff, landing and nature of the flight. Recall that Italy is a sad leader in the number of infected with the coronavirus and the number of deaths from the disease. At the moment the tweet by Alexei Pushkov about Poland and the flight of Russian aircraft in Italy is not detected.

środa, 25 marca 2020, 18:04

I've found your comment somehow confusing, but after running into another posted in Polish it became clear that in both cases you are using some poorly designed translate engine. Mystery remains why are you using as a "nick" name of the ancient Polish town? Wouldn't "Staronizhestebliyevskaya" sound better? Or just short and easy "Olgino" would do?