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Poland Procures Assault Ramps

  • Fot. Eni via
    Fot. Eni via

The Managing Staff of the Land Technology of the Armament Inspectorate has signed an agreement with the Concept company located in Bielsko-Biała, regarding delivery of 4 assault ramps based on Ford F-550 XL 4x4 vehicles.

The agreement is to be concluded and realized until 30th November 2015. For PLN 12 million the army is to receive four Elevated Tactics Systems, consisting of the carrier vehicle (Ford F-550 XL 4x4) and a system of assault ramps which may be raised or lowered. According to the requirements, the system will consist of two assault ramps, placed parallel, along the longitudinal axis of the vehicle.

Each of the ramps will be equipped with an independent raising and lowering system, which is to make it possible to perform assaults at two independent levels. Front and back parts of the vehicle, as well as the ramps, supports and rails will be equipped with infra-red lighting.

It is assumed that the assault ramps are to be used to perform assaults of targets which would include buildings, aircraft, naval vessels, buses, railway vehicles, or in order to go over the fences (walls). The ramps may also be used in counter-terrorism operations, aim of which would be to rescue people from the above-described structures.

Process of acquisition regarding the assault ramps has been started two years earlier, after the Armament Inspectorate had published, on 7th March 2013, an invitation to the technical dialogue regarding the ramps in question. The tender itself has been started on 1st September 2014  - at the moment when the final offer placing deadline has expired.