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Poland procures radios made by the Radmor company

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The Armament Inspectorate of Poland has signed a contract with the Radmor company, which is to deliver UKF RRC 9211 and RRC 9311 AP radios.

The contract, which has been signed on Sep. 18. 2014 includes delivery of 380 RRC 9211 and 41 RRC 9311 AP radio systems. The contract value is estimated to be around PLN 66 million, while the deliveries will take place between 2014 and 2017.

The purpose of the backpack RRC 9211 and onboard RRC 9311 AP radios is to provide encoded and non-encoded radio communication within the scope of transmiting speech, data and IP packets. They are compatible with other models of onboard, backpack and stationary PR4G radios. They also offer analogue operation, compatible with tactical VHF radios, in accordance with the STANAG 4204 norm.

What is more RRC 9311 AP onboard radios may be installed on any type of a military vehicle or operate as a stationary device.

RRC 9211 and RRC 9311 AP radios manufactured by Radmor company have been first purchased by the Polish Army back in 2006. Since then 4 contracts on delivery of several hundreds of devices have been signed, with the last one dated in July 2013. It included delivery of 13 backpack devices and 171 radios for a variety of vehicles.

Armament Inspectorate of Poland