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Poland purchases practice missiles for the Grom MANPADS

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The Armament Inspectorate has announced that negotiation process regarding purchase of 30 training rockets for the Grom system has been started. The process involves Mesko S.A. Company. The Grom dummy missiles will be used to train the operators of all Grom-equipped ground-to-air weapon system, including ZSU-23-4MP Biała or Poprad.

Information on initiation of the procedures, through which the rockets will be acquired, has been published in a supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union. Procedure of negotiation the purchase with a single subject has been justified by the technical and legal requirements.

MESKO S.A. company in Skarżysko-Kamienna, which is the exclusive manufacturer of Grom MANPADS, is the only subject which has an ability to deliver the Grom practice missiles. The company has developed a technology, which enables it to modify the combat variant of the missile to the training version. Mesko S.A. has also conducted research and development processes, including practical examination of communication interfaces and modules. These make it possible to integrate the product with the ZUR-23-2KG/PG, ZSU-23-4MP Biała and Poprad anti-aircraft systems, which are equipped with the Grom missiles. (...) Taking into account the fact that supplies, so far, have been executed in accordance with the agreement, which did not provide for additional orders, there is a need of renewal of the supplies from the contractor, who has been responsible for the supplies so far - MESKO S.A. company from Skarżysko-Kamienna

The EU document states.

The negotiations are related to the RST Grom training missiles, which have been developed last year. Their purpose is to conduct training of the operator in any operating state, besides the final launch. Grom MANPADS training system registers all three actions of the operator until the target tracking phase and potential launch. This makes it possible to assess the correctness of the operation and to assess the skills of the operator himself.

It is a very realistic method, and it is far less expensive than using the live missile, value of which exceeds several hundred thousand zlotys per piece. The training missile may register 20 operating cycles (from loading to simulated launch) and the dummy guiding system has an ability to be working for 100 hours without cooling and 20 hours with cooling. Grom training system is fully compatible with the shoulder-launchers and the launchers integrated with the anti-aircraft weapon systems such as ZUR-23-2KG, ZSU-23-4MP Biała and the Poprad self-proppelled anti-aircraft system as well.