Special Operations Forces

Poland purchases vehicles for the Special Forces

  • Ilustracja: Moon Express
    Ilustracja: Moon Express

The Armament Inspectorate wants to conduct the market analysis regarding the possibility of acquiring the Multi Task Vehicles of the Special Forces (WPWS) for polish armed forces. Later the Inspectorate plans to conduct the technical dialogue that concerns the same matter.

The Armament Inspectorate published the request for information (RFI) regarding the acquisition of  the Multi Task Vehicles of the Special Forces for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. This should allow to conduct the market analysis within the framework of the so-called analytical and conceptual phase.

Unfortunately, we cannot assess the requirement for the WPWS, as the Inspectorate intends to communicate such information only to the entities that participate in the process of the market analysis. Furthermore, it has been stipulated that these entities may not make such information available to „the third parties”.

What is even more interesting is the fact that after „the market analysis” is completed – so after reviewing all possible offers, the Armament Inspectorate intends to conduct the technical dialogue, whose objective is to obtain information required for the preparation of description of the object of contract (although the Inspectorate could have received such information). In the meantime, the invitation to technical dialogue will be again announced with the agreed deadline for submission of applications and the completion date – date that may be obviously extended. Let us recall that even the completion of technical dialogue is not equivalent to the initiation of proceedings.

So far we know that RFI is to be sent till 15th October, 2014. We also know (as it was explicitly emphasized) that mere application of intention to participate by any entity does not mean later in the technical dialogue that the entity will be invited by the Armament Inspectorate to join such dialogue.