Poland ready to ship armament to Ukraine

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Polish Minister of Defence, Tomasz Siemoniak stated that Poland is “open” to sell armament to Ukraine, but at the present moment no supplies are on the go. The Ukrainians are to decide on the armament deals when Siemoniak will meet his Ukrainian counterpart.

In his interview for the Polish state radio Siemoniak said that Poland is not delivering weapons to the Ukrainians at the moment. The Polish authorities are open to sell weapons, which are to be shipped to the Ukrainian Army. Defence Minister Siemoniak expects that bilateral talks on arms supplies, from Poland to Ukraine, will be started soon.

I have often stated it in public – Poland is open to sell weapons to Ukraine, and, as I say – I expect talks on that issue will happen soon. There is nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide here

Tomasz Siemoniak said in his interview for the Polish Radio

Head of MoD referred himself to a statement by the Ukrainian Minister of Defence, Valery Heletey, who stated that the NATO member states began supplying modern weaponry for the Ukrainian armed forces. Tomasz Siemoniak said that it is one country that is supplying arms to the Ukrainians, and it is not Poland doing it.

During the NATO Summit in Wales Tomasz Siemoniak informed that no decision related to arms supplies for the Ukrainians had been made, and issues related to acquisition of military equipment by the Kiev authorities and purchase of this equipment in the NATO countries is a matter of bilateral relationship of the member states with Ukraine. Head of the Polish MoD also stated that any arms supply is to be bilaterally negotiated between Ukraine and Poland.