Armed Forces

Poland to Acquire new Digital Communication Centers

The Armament Inspectorate has released information on start of the negotiations with consortium consisting of Military Communication Works No. 1 and the Transbit Company. The negotiation process is related to acquisition of nine RWŁC-10/T Mobile Digital Communication Centres based on the new wheeled chassis - Jelcz 422.32. Contract’s estimated value is PLN 23.9 million.

Equipment of this type is to be used to create IT telecommunication networks, including the "STORCZYK" wired/wireless radio communication systems. The relevant elements of the system include RWŁC-10/T Mobile Digital Communication Stations, which are coupled with the WWK-10/C Cable Laying Vehicles, which are used to maintain wired communication. In August the Cracow Vocational Training Center signed a contract regarding 19 WWK-10/C vehicles. The current negotiations aim at procuring another batch of RWŁC-10/T vehicles, which will be based on new chassis. Instead of STAR trucks which have been used until now, new Jelcz 422.32 vehicles with 4 seat cabin will be a base for the system. Jelcz platform is slowly replacing a wide range of trucks that have been used by the Polish Army so far.

The negotiation procedures have been justified by the Armament Inspectorate – the reason for acquisition is maintaining unified equipment, which is characterised by technical parameters which are identical to the equipment which has been already put into use. It has also been mentioned that the vehicles will be developed in accordance with the Polish Army requirements, while acquisition of other types of equipment could result in complication of the training and logistic processes. Hence selecting the contractor who has already manufactured the elements of command and communications systems – consortium formed by Transbit and Military Communication Works No. 1.

RWŁC-10/T Mobile Communications Center is equipped, in its standard variant with three radio lines with 50 km of range and bandwidth of 34 Mb/s. Side interfaces also make it possible to connect RWŁC-10/T with wire-communication networks through digital or packet connectivity. Not only have vehicles of this type been used by the Polish Army also during the deployments beyond the borders of Poland.