Armed Forces

Poland to Acquire New Vehicles for the Airborne Units

The Armament Inspectorate has started a technical dialogue within the scope of acquisition of high mobility vehicles and trailers, which are to be capable of being dropped on parachutes.

The procedure includes activities which aim at acquiring a “High-Mobility Parachutable Vehicle for the Airborne Forces” and “High Mobility Special-Purpose Trailer for the Airborne Forces”.

The technical dialogue is to, inter alia, assess the capability of the bidders to meet the initial requirements created by the Inspectorate, determine the conditions regarding the process of securing the logistics and safety of the supplies and training, assessing the costs of procurement, operation and withdrawal, and finally looking at possibilities of supplying the equipment within the set time-frame. As the Inspectorate’s press release states, possibilities within the scope of manufacturing/assembling of the procured equipment in Poland and maintenance in Poland and abroad will also be examined.

The technical dialogue is to end by 30th March next year, while the request to be included in the procedure are to be accepted by 16th January 2015. At the same time Inspectorate has reserved a right of prolonging the deadline, should the goals of the dialogue not be met. The subjects involved in the procedure will be properly informed.

According to the initial assumptions, the new vehicles should not be heavier than 3.5 tonnes, however, they should be capable of transporting loads weighing at least 1200 kg. Height of these vehicles shall not exceed 2.3 meters, length should be contained within 3.6 and width within 2.1 m. Engine should have a power output of at least 55 kW and both 4x4 and 6x6 drives are acceptable. The vehicles are to achieve speeds which are to be not lower than 60 kilometres per hour. Maximum total weight of the vehicle is to be equal to at least 5600 kg.

The Inspectorate assumes that the vehicle will be constructed in a way, which will make it possible to transport it on board or hanged under an aircraft with a maximum preparation time of up to 30 minutes. Moreover, the new vehicle is to be able to pull one trailer and ZUR-23-2 gun or M98 mortar. Maximum permissible weight of the special-purpose trailer shall not exceed 750 kg, with minimum load capacity of 450 kg.

Until 2022 the contractor shall be capable of delivering 80 vehicles and 160 special purpose trailers. The Armament Inspectorate stated that it has no obligation of involving all the contractors who submit their entries in the technical dialogue. The fact that given contractor takes part in the procedure will not be a condition excluding the subject from realising the task. The Inspectorate may also invite subjects which did not respond to the tender to take part in the proceedings.