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Poland to Get More Rak Mortars. Negotiations Ongoing

Image Credit: Jerzy Reszczyński
Image Credit: Jerzy Reszczyński

According to the Official Journal of the European Union, negotiation is currently going on between the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD and the consortium led by HSW S.A., also involving the ROSOMAK S.A. company. The dialogue concerns further procurement of the Rak 120 mm self-propelled mortars.

The entities involved were invited on 16th September. According to the document disclosed, the talks pertain to selected building blocks of the 120 mm Rak self-propelled mortar fire modules. Should agreement be reached, deliveries would be taking place between 2020 and 2021. Vehicles for the Artillery and Armament Training Centre in Toruń and 12th Mechanized Brigade would be delivered in 2020. The 17th Mechanized Brigade would receive its platforms in 2021. The above probably concerns two extra company-level fire module elements for the brigades and additional vehicles for the Training Centre. The estimated procurement price listed in the announcement is PLN 226,268,425 + VAT.

Let us recall the fact that so far, back in April 2018, the Polish Ministry of Defence ordered 8 Rak mortar Company Level Fire Modules. Each of those modules includes 8 Rak self-propelled mortars, 4 Artillery Command Vehicles (AWD) (each module features a vehicle for the commander, reserve vehicle for the deputy commander and one for each of the battery commanders). All of those vehicles are based on the Rosomak APC. The agreement concerning those platforms had a value of PLN 1 bn.

In late 2017 the MoD procured AWRU artillery armament repair vehicles equipped with special kit designed to carry out testing, repairs and inspections of the mortar’s systems in field conditions. The vehicles have been based on the Jelcz P662.D35 three-axle vehicles and ordered by HSW S.A., with a pricetag of several million zlotys. One vehicle has been ordered for each of the modules. Each of the modules is to include 8 SMK120 mortars, four command vehicles and a single AWRU platform. Meanwhile, agreement has been signed on 13th August 2019, concerning additional procurement of AWA artillery ammunition carriers for the modules. HSW is also currently working on a development project concerning Artillery Reconnaissance Vehicle (AWR).

What’s interesting, the price that is a subject to negotiation pertains to SMK120 platforms and command vehicles (divided into commander, deputy commander and battery commander vehicles). However, it does not cover further AWRU or AWA vehicles. Should the negotiation be successful, the latter platform would be a subject to another agreement.

It shall be expected that similarly to the first 8, another 2 modules would come in a similar form. It may be speculated that the Thorn training centre would receive a single SMK120 Rak battery with a single command vehicle and single AWRU platform.

The work on further Rak mortars would probably be undertaken by the same suppliers (HSW S.A. and Rosomak S.A.). They are the only existing suppliers of the required solutions.