Poland will acquire Rosomak APC simulators

  • Ilustracja: Breakthrough Starshot

 The Armament Inspectorate of Poland has created a new tender – after acquiring simulators of the Leopard 2A4 tanks, the institution is to buy, within the period of 2015 – 2017, nine similar devices that will be used to train Rosomak wheeled APC drivers.

The tender’s deadline expires at Oct. 21st 2014. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding detailed requirements related to the simulators. These are going to be outlined by the specification of substantial requirements of the order. This document will be transferred solely to the contractors who are to place the initial offers.

According to the information, which has been revealed to the public, the simulator needs to include a moving platform with reproduction of the real driver's seat with all the relevant components that are present in the Rosomak 8x8 APC, IT system, visualization system and independent instructor's station along with recording devices. Additionally the order includes so called logistics bundle, which is to include training of 20 instructors/operators.

The Army is to acquire the simulators as brand new products, which, as the Armament Inspectorate claims, means that the “year of production of the simulators needs to be the same as the year of delivery”.