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Poland will Acquire Single-Use Anti Tank Grenade Launchers

The Armament Inspectorate started the proceedings aiming at acquisition of a new type of a single use anti-tank grenade launcher for the Polish Army.

According to the information obtained by from the Armament Inspectorate “Analytical-concept phase which aims at procurement of a new single-use anti-tank grenade launcher has been started.” Planned deadline of completion of that phase is the last quarter of 2015. That means that new generation anti-tank grenade launchers will be introduced in the Polish Army quite soon.

Earlier the Polish Armed Forces have been using RPG-76 Komar single use grenade launchers, but these have been withdrawn – they were not equipped with self-liquidating fuse. They were also not equipped with tandem HEAT warheads, which was a major drawback in  potential use against the contemporary tanks (as it is in case of the RPG-7 grenades,  which are currently used extensively by the Polish soldiers). The Polish Army also has AT-4 single use, and Carl Gustav launchers within the inventory.

Currently the basic anti-tank weapon used by an infantry team is the RPG-7 launcher. When asked about possible procurement of new ammo for RPG-7, the Armament Inspectorate has informed us that “it is not involved in activities aiming at acquisition of (…) new ammunition for the RPG-7”. It seems that the MoD should consider purchase of grenades of a new type for RPG-7, including grenades with tandem HEAT warheads, as it would make it possible to significantly raise capabilities of neutralisation of armored targets at short ranges, especially tanks and APCs using reactive armour.

The problems related to development of light anti-tank weaponry in the Polish Army have been thoroughly analysed by