Poland Will Not Supply Arms for Ukraine – For Now

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Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Secretary of State, Rafał Trzaskowski, stated in his interview for the RMF FM radio station that “at the moment Poland will not supply weapons for Ukraine”.

Rafał Trzaskowski, in his statement made for the “Kontrwywiad” [Counter-Intelligence] RMF FM programme, noted that unforeseen consequences may take place, should a decision be made to supply arms for Ukraine. These consequences would stem from the potential reaction of the Kremlin. Trzaskowski stressed the fact that when such help would be provided by the US, a need would occur to deploy instructors to Poland, in order to organize a corresponding training programme for the Ukrainian soldiers.

And we, at the moment, will not deliver weapons [for Ukraine], even though this country is not a subject of a relevant embargo.

Rafał Trzaskowski in his interview for the RMF FM radio

Chief of the Polish National Security Bureau, Stanisław Koziej, had stated it earlier that the Polish authorities  are fully open to sell armament for the Ukrainian Army. Back in September 2014 similar statements have been  made by the Polish Minister of Defence, who stated that “Poland is open to sell weaponry for Ukraine”. However, no binding decisions have been made during the NATO summit in Newport within that scope. The final arrangements were to be made by the individual member states.

Many NATO members are against any armament supplies for the Ukrainian government forces. Up until now, USA also did not make any declarations regarding the weapons delivery for Kiev. However, the US Administration does not exclude such course of action, which, according to the available information, had been endorsed by the NATO European commander,  general Phillip Breedlove. We also know that Lithuania has transferred some armament to Ukraine within the scope of provision of military help.