Police Acquires Night Vision Devices From PCO

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PCO S.A company has been selected by General Police Headquarters of Poland, to become a supplier of 94 MU-3M Koliber night vision monoculars. The total value of the delivery is estimated as PLN 3.5 million.

Police has selected the winner of the accelerated tender, the goal of which was to acquire night vision monoculars for the officers. The only company which submitted its offer was the PCO S.A, setting the price point at the level of PLN 3.5 million, below the amount defined by the Police – PLN 3.6 million. The night vision systems purchased are to be delivered before 28th December 2016.

Guarantee provided by the manufacturer (weight of 30), defined as 49 months, along with price (weight of 60) and delivery deadline (weight of 10) constituted the main factors which led to selection of the PCO’s offer.

The Police HQ has been looking for night vision devices with III-generation image amplifier, with minimum amplification ratio of 40000, when it comes to the luminance, at resolution no lower than 64 lp/mm, with signal to noise ratio of 23. Moreover, the amplifier, according to the specs, is to make use of the white phosphor technology, and feature an auto-gating function which would enable the user to utilize the device in variable lighting conditions, e.g. when entering a bright room from a dark area. The field of view is not to be smaller than 40 degrees, whereas the sharpness (focus) shall be adjustable within the range between 23 cm and infinity.

According to their specs, the monoculars are additionally expected to feature at least one mode of operation for use with the IR illumination device, making it possible to utilize the system in complete darkness at distance of at least 15 meters. 12 hours is the minimum time of operation for the requested device, when it is being powered by alkaline batteries, when operated within the temperature range between -35 and +50 degrees Celsius. 10 meters water resistance rating was also contained within the requested specification. Finally, the device should also be corrosion and scratch resistant.

Total body length has been defined between 97 and 107.5 mm, and the device weight, without the batteries, cannot exceed 280 grams.

The monocular ordered by the police must be usable both over the left, as well as over the right eye. The bundle also includes a flip-up helmet mount, weapon mount compliant with the Picatinny rail, and a Peli-Case.