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Polish Armament Group Creates a Dedicated Consortium for the Narew SHORAD Programme

Companies which are the members of the Polish Armament Group [Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa] have created a consortium, aim of which is to take part in the technical dialogue related to the Narew SHORAD system. The system is to be acquired soon by the Polish Army.

The agreement has been signed on 11th December at the headquarters of the PGZ [Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa/Polish Armament Group]. Aim of the consortium is to implement the Narew programme, related to equipping the Polish Army with a short range air defence system.

We want a Polish consortium to be the integrator of the complete system, which would be compliant with the MoD requirements related to the “Narew” programme. It’s all going to be based on international cooperation. We are sure that our group has some realistic capabilities to offer. The Polish industry is a significant partner for the most renowned foreign bidders

Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the PGZ

PGZ President, Wojciech Dąbrowski, stressed the fact that the consortium is to become the integrating party on the basis of international cooperation. Zdzisław Gawlik, deputy Minister of Treasury stated that emergement of the consortium is a “visible sign of transformation of the Polish defence industry”. He noted that estimated value of the “Narew”  programme is as much as PLN 11 billion.

Consortium is to create an offer which would include a complete and modular system. That system would make it possible to integrate rocket components made by several foreign partners. The elements would include radar or optoelectronic systems developed along with the PIT-Radwar, Military Electronic Works [Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne] and PCO companies. Elements of ammunition are to be developed by the Mesko facility, ZM Tarnów Company and Military Armament Works [Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia]. Artillery and vehicles are to be created by the Stalowa Wola Ironworks and Jelcz companies, while the communication systems related research will involve subjects such as CTM and Military Communication Works No. 1 [Wojskowe Zakłady Łączności nr 1].

By creating the consortium, PGZ management wants to deepen the level of internal cooperation. The new consortium is to be a tool which would make it possible to properly prepare the group for the technical dialogue and further parts of the proceedings.

Narew programme is to provide the Polish Army with a new SHORAD system, purpose of which would be to act against aircraft, helicopters, UAV’s and cruise missiles at distances of up to 25 km. The new system is to replace the modified Osa and Kub weaponry, which is becoming obsolete.

According to the “Armed Forces Technical Modernization Plan within the Period between 2013 and 2022”, until 2022 9 Narew batteries are to be procured. In total 19 such systems are to be delivered.

At the beginning of November, the Armament Inspectorate has expressed its will to carry out the technical dialogue. Requests to take part in the procedure were to be accepted until 15th December 2014, and earlier it had been stated that Narew-related procedures were to be started by 2016.