Polish Artillery Units Take Delivery of the First AWA Ammunition Carriers

Image Credit: st. szer. Michał Wilk/17WBZ
Image Credit: st. szer. Michał Wilk/17WBZ

According to the General Command of the Armed Forces, the first AWA artillery ammunition carrier vehicles have been received by the 17th “Wielkopolska” Mechanized Brigade. The vehicles have become a part of the M120K Rak Company-Level Fire Module (KMO) of the 1st Motorized Infantry Battalion. The aforesaid element is stationed in Międzyrzecz and it is equipped with 120 mm self-propelled mortars based on the Rosomak APC platform.

The delivered vehicles constitute a relevant element of the KMO-element inventory, being an important mission asset for the soldiers of the unit. Next week the brigade is to receive more vehicles as such. Ultimately AWA platforms would be received by the fire modules of all of the companies.

AWA has been designed to transport mortar rounds placed on six special-purpose pallets (up to ninety-six 120 mm HE/Illumination/smoke mortar bombs), as well as for loading and unloading those pallets. The AWA platform has been fitted with the Multilift Mk IV container-loading system that is coupled with a flat-rack hook platform that features sockets for locking the pallets accommodating the 120 mm mortar bombs. The side borts and the rear one can be opened which makes it possible to load and unload the pallets with a forklift as well. They can also be lifted by a crane.

AWA is based on the 8x8 Jelcz 882.53 truck that uses the Iveco FPT Cursor 13 EURO III engine with a power output of 392 kW/533HP, coupled with the ZF 16S 221 mechanical transmission with 16 gears. The rigid drive axles have been fitted with wheels that feature wide 14.00 R20 offroad tyres. Furthermore, to improve the vehicle’s offroad capabilities a central tyre inflation system and special Beadlock inserts have been applied, keeping the tyres on the rim when the pressure is lower.

The cabin for a crew of two is armoured and provides STANAG 4569 Annex A and B, Level 1 protection. AWA also features a 7.62 mm machine gun, FONET intercom/external communications suite, satellite navigation receiver and air filtering/ventilating system.

The agreement concerning the delivery of 24 AWA vehicles based on the Jelcz 882.53 platform has a value of more than 100 million zlotys. It has been signed by and between the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish Ministry of Defence and the HSW S.A. company back in August 2019.