Polish Border Patrol Units In Hungary

A unit deployed by the Polish Border Guard arrived in Budapest, where, within the scope of cooperation of the Visegrad Group, it is going to assist the Hungarian Police in the operations carried out at the border. 

An element of the Polish Border Guard, consisting of 45 persons, arrived in Budapest. These officers are going to assist the Hungarian Police, during the works carried out at the border. The Polish element was deployed to Hungary within the scope of cooperation of the Visegrad Group states. The deployment, planned to last until 3rd December 2015, involves officers of five units of the Border Guard, involving eight members of the Polish border patrol from each of the deployed units: Naval, Warmia and Mazury, Podlasie, Bug and Bieszczady units. Additionally, one officer comes from the General Staff of the Border Patrol, one from the Vistula unit and one from the Border Guard Specialized Training Centre.


When the Polish officers arrived, on 5th November, they have been officially welcomed by the Hungarian Minister of Internal affairs, Sandor Pinter, and General of the Hungarian Police, Károly Pappa. During the ceremony, the Polish officers received the information on goal of the involvement and on the tasks that they are going to execute. They have been provided with V4 Group and EU patches.

The officers of the Polish Border Patrol are going to be involved in joint patrols with the Hungarian Police. They will be responsible to protect the external border of the European Union, on the border line between Hungary and Serbia. The aim of the patrols is to act against the illegal immigrants, including prevention against unauthorized border trespassing, observation of the border and border region, transferring the information on the situation in the region and supporting the Hungarian Police, in order to ensure a proper level of public safety.

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