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Polish Cybersecurity Doctrine to Be Implemented Soon


During the meeting of the Polish National Security Council a new cybersecurity doctrine has been discussed. This doctrine is to be transformed into a document, which would become a basis for further works on the actions which are potentially to be undertaken by the state to face the future threat – as it has been stated by the President Bronisław Komorowski after the Monday meeting of the council.

The Polish President has stated, that the doctrine has been presented during the meeting by the head of the National Security Bureau, General Stanisław Koziej. - The Doctrine will, as a result of the joint works of the NSB, the Ministry of Defence and the Government, transformed into a document which is to be the basis for further actions of the Polish state within the scope of cybersecurity – as President Komorowski stressed.

President also has said that progress of realization of the priority tasks within the scope of the programme aiming at augmenting the Polish security in 2015 has been presented. These tasks are a result of the disadvantageous geopolitical situation in the Mid-Eastern  Europe, stemming from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

We are currently at the stage of launching the specific programmes, aim of which is to augment the resistance of Poland not only to the threats. The programme also aims at obtaining additional capabilities resulting from reinforcement of the Polish Armed Forces.

As it has been stressed by the Polish President.

Bronisław Komorowski also noted that, within that context, the talks were related to implementation of the provisions made during the NATO summit, which took place in Newport last year.

Money is the element which is of decisive value, when it comes to reinforcement of the defensive system. This element would also make it possible to think of any modernization. Due to that fact, Deputy Prime Minister Siemoniak has presented information related to amendment of the Act on Financing of the Modernization Process of the Polish Armed Forces from 2001, in a way which would make it possible to meet my suggestion to use 2% of GDP for the defence purposes. And this raised level of funding shall be valid, starting from 2016.

As it has been emphasised by President Bronisław Komorowski.

President Komorowski also stated that the talks which have been conducted during the meeting of the Council also covered the issue of conclusions that can be drawn by Poland from the French experiences in a crisis situation, stemming from the terrorist attacks.

- This makes it possible to form a conclusion that even though we are not directly threatened in a way France is, some systems in the state must be launched, in order to prepare Poland better for crisis situations connected with terrorism, which may occur within Europe – as the President has said.