Polish Deputy Minister of Defence: Polonisation and innovation should be our driving values

  • Fot. NASA

Czesław Mroczek, Polish Deputy Minister of Defence has mentioned, during his speech at the Kielce Security Conference, the issues which are to be an additional stimulus for consolidation of the Polish defence industry. Mroczek claims that the driving values that should be taken into account are: polonisation, support of innovation and regionalization of the defence projects.

Mroczek emphasized the fact that the Ministry of Defence is to be focused on polonisation of the equipment acquired by the armed forces. Since the European Union legislation limits any offset-based investment, the new concept has been created by the Ministry.

The official claims that the contracts signed during the Kielce fair by the Polish companies, e.g. the document signed by German MTU and Polish WZM companies are a good example of polonisation. It will make it possible to carry out engine maintenance works in Poland.

The Deputy Minister of Defence additionally said that state-financing of the R&D works in the field of defence is another relevant component of modernization of the Polish military. Expenditures here – PLN 1.4 billion. The projects which have benefited from this support include the APC project, light tank project and artillery programmes led by Stalowa Wola Ironworks.

The third element which is crucial for the consolidation process is the issue of promotion of the regional projects within the area of security. Mroczek said that currently the Ministry of Defence is involved in creating a common military product of the Visegrad Group. The Deputy Minister of Defence claimed that it will probably emerge in a form of the new APC project.