Polish Internal Security Agency Successfully Acted against an Act of Terror

Polish Internal Security Agency [Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego] has prevented a “coordinated” terrorist attack targeted at the Polish churches. The attack was to happen at night between the Christmas Eve and the first day of Christmas back in 2003 – as TVP Info reports.

General Paweł Pruszyński, ex-deputy head of the Internal Security Agency stated, in his interview for TVP Info, that the terrorists were to execute attacks on four cathedrals in large Polish cities, at night of the Christmas Eve.

The attacks did not take place due to the Internal Security Agency operations carried out together with foreign special services. Persons who were planning the act of terrorism have been arrested, inter alia, in Australia.

As it has been reported by TVP Info, estimated number of casualties could have reached “couple or even several thousands”. At least one Polish citizen was involved in the preparations preceding the attack. The terrorists planned their operation due to the fact that the Polish Armed Forces were heavily involved in Iraq.