Polish Involvement In The Baltops 2016 Exercise

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    Start rakiety Falcon 9, fot. SpaceX

Polish Armed Forces will be involved in the international Baltops 2016 naval exercise. The largest, and the most important NATO exercise in the Baltic Sea will involve Polish troops, vessels of the Polish Navy, along with the Polish Air Force.

Representatives of the Polish delegation confirmed the Polish involvement, during the Baltops 2016 planning conference which was held in Tallinn between 19th and 21st April. According to the release published by the Polish General Command of the Armed Forces, ORP “Sęp” submarine is going to be involved in the main portion of the exercise, hailing from the 3rd Flotilla of Ships, along with four F-16 multi-role jets, An-28B1R patrol-reconnaissance aircraft and three helicopters (two Mi-14PŁ ASW helicopters and a single W-3RM rotary-winged aircraft). Moreover, the landing operation planned to happen at the training ground near Ustka is going to involve five Polish minesweepers, along with a mine-transport ship of the 8th Coastal Defence Flotilla.

Meanwhile, soldiers of the mechanized company of the 7th Coastal Defence Brigade will take on the OPFOR role, acting as an enemy of the coalition, carrying out defensive operations in the landing area.

Baltops operation is the largest NATO exercise in the Baltic region. It has been carried out and organized regularly, since 1972. This year, the exercise in question is planned to involve 4 thousand troops from 15 NATO member states, as well as forces hailing from two NATO partner nations (Finland and Sweden). The main goal of the training is to increase the interoperability of the allied Naval components, as well as of the nations who are involved in the Partnership for Peace programme.