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Polish Military is to Buy Jet and Turboprop Engines for Almost PLN 30 Million

  • Źródło: Program wieloletni Modernizacja Krajowej Administracji Skarbowej w latach 2020–2022
    Źródło: Program wieloletni Modernizacja Krajowej Administracji Skarbowej w latach 2020–2022

Aviation Technology Department of the 3rd Regional Logistic Base, located in Kutno, is willing to purchase engines for the MiG-29 fighters and the PZL-130TC-II Orlik trainers, two engines for each type of the aircraft.

When it comes to the MiG-29, acquisition of second-hand RD-33 series 2 turbojets is planned. These engines are to be in the state after a general overhaul, with an inter-overhaul service-life of 350 hours in flight, and remaining technical service-life at the level  which would be no lower than 700 hours.

In case of the Orliks, the base considers purchasing brand new turboprop Pratt & Whitney PT6A-25C engines (for the PZL-130TC-II Orlik) with inter-overhaul service-life of 3000 hours.

Each of the supplied engines is to be transferred along with a set of specialized tools and related supplies, such as gaskets, washers, safety pins, etc., in line with the manufacturer’s specification, which would make it possible to get the engines embedded within the airframes. The engine also needs to be preserved, in accordance with the documentation, for a period which would not be shorter than 2 years and it shall be supplied along with transport crates or containers.

Price is the criterion of paramount importance here (98% of the  total number of points), along with the granted guarantee (2% of points). The bidders may get additional points (up to 10) for the supplies realized in the past. The final offer placing deadline expires on 23rd February this year, while the engines are to be delivered by 30th September 2015 (in case of the MiG-29 engines) and by 15th December 2015 (in case of the Orlik engines).

Estimated value of the present order – PLN 27.642 million, excluding the Value Added Tax.