Polish MoD Awards For The PGZ

  • WB Electronics Warmate UAV. Image Credit: J. Sabak/
    WB Electronics Warmate UAV. Image Credit: J. Sabak/

Polish Ministry of Defence has awarded, within the framework of a competition, the best research and implementation projects regarding the defence solutions developed by the engineers of the Polish Armaments Group.

In the competition, the prizes were awarded in two categories, for the teams dealing with the research and development works, while the second distinction concerned the projects which have already been implemented and used, in the process of developing the specific products. The first award, concerning a solution which has already been introduced into production, has been received by Military Institute of Armament Technology and the Mesko S.A. company which is a part of the PGZ – here we are referring to a new type 120 mm sabot round using a new type of penetrator. The ammunition in question is being manufactured and delivered for the Army, the rounds are intended to be used in case of the Leopard 2A4 and 2A5 main battle tanks.

The second awarded product is the modification kit for the thermal vision camera, along with the III generation KLW-1 ASTERIA thermal vision system. The aforesaid solution has been developed by the PCO company, also belonging to the Polish Armaments Group.

The engineers of the PGZ company have also been involved in development of solutions which received second and third prizes for the R&D initiatives, as well as the award for “the best patent, invention, utility model protection rights or industrial design registration rights”.

The latter award was received by the authors of the “Optoelectronic multi-spectral aircraft landing assistance system” work. The aforesaid study has been developed by the Military University of Technology, working within a consortium also formed by PIT-RADWAR and PCO, belonging to the Polish Armaments Group.

Meanwhile, second and third prizes in the category of the R&D projects have been awarded to the projects supported by the European Defence Agency.

II prize was received by the contractors tasked with the “Monitoring and forecast system checking the technical status of the airframe structure with the use of a sensor network and an expert system” study, pursued by the Air Force Institute of Technology, in a consortium with the AGH University of Science and Technology, PGZ’s WZL Nr 1 S.A., Milano University of Technology and the Spanish INTA aviation research entity. Meanwhile III prize in the R&D category has been received for development of the “MLM Modular Minesweep”, designed by the OBR CTM S.A. facility based in Gdynia (also belonging to the Polish Armaments Group), working together with Norwegian, Italian, French and Polish partners.

The prizes have been awarded by undersecretary of state at the Polish Ministry of Defence, Wojciech Fałkowski PhD, Hab. - Without development of the technology and science, contemporary economy and contemporary state cannot exist, no solutions in the field of defence exist – as the Vice-Minister noted. Defence and security are a part of the state, and the state functions in the field of civilization, it may only remain on surface when technology, standard of living and the whole undefinable sphere, sphere of morality, sphere of spirituality and sphere related to the basic beliefs, are all being developed – he added.

PGZ’s President, Arkadiusz Siwko, expressed his satisfaction with the awards received. Siwko also stressed the meaning the steps taken by the Polish MoD have, for development of the Polish technologies. 

I am deeply satisfied with the awards, in case of which scientists, designers and engineers employed by the consolidated facilities of the Polish Armaments Group, have made great contributions. Special thanks should also go to the organizer of the competition, the Polish Ministry of Defence, without the involvement of whom, in the area of developing the Polish technologies later used to create designs for the products that enhance the national security and safety of the Polish soldiers, this would not have been be possible. -

President of the PGZ company, Arkadiusz Siwko.

Siwko also declared that the research and development segment of the Group, within which the research regarding both military, as well as civil technologies, is of high importance for the PGZ’s management. President of the Group is convinced that as a result of the events above, the PGZ’s offer would also be expanded.

I would like to stress it at the same time that the research and development segment, within which works on innovative technological solutions for the Polish Army, as well as for the civil market, are being undertaken, is of priority meaning for the Polish Armaments Group. The PGZ management makes all the effort to provide perfect conditions of work and professional development for the personnel working on the new technologies at the PGZ Group. I am convinced that in the future, not only will the adopted strategy allow us to get more awards, but also to include perfected products within the PGZ’s offer.

President of the PGZ company, Arkadiusz Siwko.