Polish MoD Confirms Negotiations With The US: Tomahawk Missiles For The New Submarines?

Tomasz Siemoniak, Polish Minister of National Defence, stated in the 1st Programme of the Polish Radio, during the “Sygnały Dnia” broadcast, that the Polish MoD has sent a request to the US, regarding options of purchase of the Tomahawk cruise missiles for the future Polish Navy submarines. Siemoniak stated that the new vessels will be acquired by 2030.

Earlier on, no information related to negotiations with the United States had been released. The Ministry planned to acquire two submarines by 2022 and the third one by 2025. Today, during his radio interview, Siemoniak stated: “We are getting ready to acquire a new type of submarine, in case of which one of the key capabilities is the fact that the new submarine would be able to employ cruise missiles. We would like to increase the level of competitiveness in the tender, hence we are asking whether the individual countries would be able to deliver such cruise missiles for the Polish Navy. This is a very advanced weapon, and any manufacturer who would be willing to sell it must obtain the government’s consent. We are also asking other states, not only the USA, about that issue.”.

“The issue has been analysed for a long time now, I mean the issue whether our submarines shall possess these capabilities. I have made a decision last year, that yes, our submarines shall be capable of employing the cruise missiles. Now we are asking everybody who would be able to deliver such weaponry.”

Minister of National Defence confirmed the fact that the acquisition process regarding the submarines would be time-consuming. “Such procedures are not quick. We want to launch the proceedings this year. Navy Development Plan assumes that we acquire three submarines by 2030. We want to launch the procedure this year, however this is going to require us to carry out many complicated operations. Production itself is also going to last for a couple of years.”.

Siemoniak also stated in his interview that Ślązak patrol vessel is going to be launched next year, along with the first Kormoran II class mine-hunter. Both vessels are to be used by the Polish Navy.

We should recall that:

  • According to the project related to development of the Polish Navy, which had been presented at the beginning of 2012, the first example of the new type of submarine was to be acquired in 2017, second one in 2022, and the last one in 2030
  • Waldemar Skrzypczak, Deputy-Minister of Defence, back in March 2013, during the Industry Days event which took place in Warsaw, stated that all of the prospective Polish submarines shall be equipped with measures of deterrence.