Polish Navy Acquires Spare Parts for the ASW Torpedoes

  • TAI MMU. Fot. TAI

1st Regional Logistics Base in Wałcz announced that the unit has selected the Megmar Logistics & Consulting company as the contractor who is going to provide spare parts for the MU90 Impact anti-submarine torpedoes. The contract value is said to be contained in an amount of PLN 13 million.

The order in question will make it possible to acquire “spare parts and consumables required for operational use of the MU90 torpedoes, which need to be produced and delivered in line with the documentation provided by the torpedo manufacturer, complying with the requirements contained in that documentation”.

One offer has been placed in the tender announced on 24th November 2015Megmar Logistics & Consulting Sp. z o.o, based in Kutno. And the order was awarded to this very company. Initially, the value of the order was estimated as PLN 10,643,627.88, however, the ultimate amount in which the expenditure is going to be contained is now defined as PLN 12,981,285.40.

MU90 torpedo is manufactured by a French-Italian consortium – the EuroTorp company. It is being used by the Polish Navy, it is a part of the armament utilized by the Oliver Hazard Perry frigates, fitted with 324 mm torpedo launchers, and by the Naval Aviation, as Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite (based on the ships) and Mi-14PŁ (land based) helicopters are both tailored to use this type of weaponry. The torpedo is tailored to being used as an anti-submarine weapon, to attack submarines at depths of up to 1000 meters.