Polish Police Acquires Helmets and Bulletproof Vests

Polish Police announced that it is willing to acquire bulletproof vests. Moreover, the formation is also seeking to procure ballistic helmets with an option of mounting night vision devices on them. The order execution deadline has been set as 1st September 2016.

The Police announced that it is willing to deliver 230 plate carrier-type bulletproof vests, plus additional four examples for the test purposes, along with 524 ACH or MICH ballistic helmets in a high-cut variety, fitted with a night vision goggles adapter, plus additional 24 helmets for the test purposes. The order is to be realized starting from 15th March this year, and deadline has been set on 1st September.

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The deadline has been set for two deliveries. Within the first shipment, the Ordering Party requires 50 bulletproof vests and 100 helmets to be delivered, until 30th June 2016. The second batch includes 180 bulletproof vests and 344 helmets – and this lot is expected to be delivered until 1st September 2016.

The order may be divided into parts, it is being realized as a limited tender, thus the Ordering Party will invite only five potential contractors to place their offers, which – as it was stated in the Official Journal of the European Union – is a result of the importance and profile of the tender, in the light of the security requirements related to the Cracow World Youth Day and of the fact that Pope Francis is going to take part in the event, which is all planned to happen in July 2016.

The offer which is going to be the best price-wise is going to be selected (price has a weight of 80%). Criteria defined by the specifications, invitation or in the terms of reference are also going to be taken into account (guarantee period, compatibility, on-time delivery until 30th June 2016 – weight of 20%).

Final offer placing deadline expires on 4th March 2016. Value of the order will exceed the amount of EUR 135,000.