Polish Police Acquires Long Guns. Preparations for the NATO Summit in Warsaw?

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General Police Headquarters of Poland announced tenders, the aim of which is to realize procurement of the HK416 and HK417 rifles, MP5A5 machine pistols and 7.62 mm cal. sniper rifles. The deliveries of all of the above mentioned weapons are to be realized, at the latest, in June 2016, meaning that the firearms would  be received prior to the NATO Summit in Warsaw, scheduled to take place on 8th and 9th July this year.

The tenders, in case of which the final offer placing deadline expires on 15th February, will cover procurement of the armament within the period between 1st April and 26th June 2016. The planned purchases include the following:

  • 24 .223 HK416A5 assault rifle packages, in sub-compact variant, with 11 inch (279 mm) barrel, or equivalent weaponry;
  • 15 .308 HK417 rifle packages, with 16.5 inch (419 mm) barrel, or equivalent weaponry;
  • 25 9x19 mm MP5A5 machine pistol packages, or equivalent weaponry;
  • 5 .308 Win. Sniper rifles.

In all of the tenders listed above, the 80% of the offer assessment is going to be based on price of the offered goods. In case of the sniper rifles, the remaining 20% of the assessment depend on the length of the guarantee term, while in the remaining cases, 10% of then assessment is going to depend on the compatibility of the weapons with the firearms of the same type, used by the Police, and 10% of the assessment is going to be based on the guarantee term.

The deadline for finalization of the supplies, defined as the end of June this year, is by no accident related to large public events planned within that period, organization of which creates significant challenges within the scope of protection from the potential terrorist acts.
The above refers both to the NATO Summit, planned to take place on 8th and 9th of July, in Warsaw, as well as to the World Youth Day, which is to take place in Cracow, between 26th and 31st July 2016. 

The aforementioned armament is being used by the counter-terrorist units of the Polish Police, including the Counter-Terrorist Operations Bureau of the General Police Headquarters. At least some of the above weaponry is also at disposal of the independent counter-terrorist elements of the Police, counter-terrorist sections at the Voivodeship headquarters. Similar armament was also being delivered for the Central Bureau of Investigation, constituting an organ of the Polish Police.