Polish President Endorses Amendment Of The NATO Strategic Doctrine

Bronislaw Komorowski, the Polish President, after the meeting of the Polish National Security Council, stated that he would endorse change of the NATO strategic concept in the light of the Russian threat.

The meeting of the National Security Council covered the issue of changes that have been introduced into the Russian national security doctrine. According to President Komorowski, Russia decided to adopt a “confrontation stance towards the West”. The Polish President stated that, in a response, both allied, as well as the national defence systems should be reinforced. At the same time, coherence of the Western reaction should also be ensured.

It would be of great importance that the Western world reviews and amends the strategic concept of the NATO alliance. Debate on that issue shall be started during the NATO summit in Warsaw, next year.

President Bronislaw Komorowski

The President noted that there is a great need to implement the arrangements that were discussed during the NATO summit in Newport which took place last year, particularly within the scope of provision of support for the Mid-Eastern Europe.

According to Komorowski, one of the most worrying issues contained in the Russian military doctrine stems from the fact, that the new strategy legitimises option of inflicting pressure on the neighbouring countries. Current NATO strategic doctrine, adopted back in 2010, assumes that Mid-Eastern Europe is a calm area, within which there is little or no danger of conventional attacks. According to the doctrine which is currently in force, NATO is to expand its cooperation with Russia, also within the scope of anti-missile defence systems.

The strategic concept states that cooperation with Moscow shall be based on the NATO-Russia Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security, signed back in 1997. Provisions of this document have been breached by Moscow e.g. because of annexation of Crimea and subsequent armed activity in the eastern part of Ukraine. In the light of annexation of Crimea NATO has decided to suspend its cooperation with Russia.