Polish President Signs An Act Abolishing The Time Limits For Professional Contracted Military Service.

Image Credit: st. chor. mar. Arkadiusz Dwulatek/Combat Camera DO RSZ
Image Credit: st. chor. mar. Arkadiusz Dwulatek/Combat Camera DO RSZ

Andrzej Duda, the Polish President, signed the Act created by the Parliament on 30th January Act, regarding an amendment of the Professional Military Service Act. The act implements two relevant changes. The first change is seen in abolishment of the time constraints pertaining the military service period, while the second one makes it possible, in “specifically justified cases” - to appoint soldiers who are to take service positions reserved two or more military ranks higher, without actually promoting those soldiers to that rank. 

The amendment of the 11th September 2003 Act on Professional Military Service includes two, substantially significant, changes. The first set of regulations concerns abolishment of the time limit for the professional contracted military service which, so far, could only have lasted for a maximum period of 12 years.

Thanks to the fact that this change is implemented, qualified and experienced soldiers will remain in the active service, which will directly translate into expansion of the combat capabilities of the military units. Once the Act enters force, the contracted soldiers will also have a right to receive pension plans, normally provided after at least 15 years of service. The reserve soldiers, dismissed after 12 years of active service, will get an option of being again called for duty.

The second change in the Pragmatic Act, implemented along with the amendment signed by the President, is related to the rights possessed by the Minister of Defence. The regulations in force, regarding the assignment of positions, assume that the position has been dependent on the professional qualifications, opinion of service, and service track record model in the individual personnel corps.

The amendment assumes that the soldiers may be assigned to the professional positions requiring higher ranks (two and more), without promotion to that rank, by the Minister of Defence, in specific, justified cases.

The Act implements a compensation bonus which is going to be granted to the professional soldiers selected within the scope of the procedure above, in an amount of the difference between the base salary that he was received and the base salary which is related to the assumed position.

The amendment of the professional soldiers service act will become valid within 14 days from the date of announcement.