Polish Thermal Vision Cameras For The Rosomak APC

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2nd Regional Logistics Base announced that it has been decided that PCO S.A company based in Warsaw is going to tailor the KLW-1 thermal vision camera for being used as a DNRS 288 sight, within the HITFIST 30 mm turret system, dedicated for the Rosomak APC.

According to the official release, PCO S.A has placed the best offer, estimating the cost of execution regarding the task as a net amount of PLN 654,750.00 (gross amount of PLN 803,342.50). A single offer has been placed within the tender.

Replacement of the thermal-imaging devices constitutes a part of the programme, the aim of which is to modernize the fire control systems of the Polish armoured personnel carriers. The current decision results from the tender executed in August 2015 by the 2nd Regional Logistics base, the objective of which was to prepare documentation which would make it possible to integrate the Tilde FC camera, utilized in the current fire control system of the Rosomak vehicle.

Selection of the KLW-1 camera is not a surprise. The device is a proven Polish product which has already been applied in case of the PT-91 tanks, replacing the older 1st Generation Systems.