Pro Defense 2017: Backpack Radio Showcased by the “Naval” CTM Company

  • Fot. Pixabay

Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. - Maritime Technology Centre Research and Development Facility, during the Ostróda-held Pro Defense 2017 event, has presented its broadband RKP-8100 radio. According to the manufacturer, the aforesaid product may meet some of the requirements defined by the Territorial Defence branch of the Army, when it comes to communications and data exchange hardware.

In case of the backpack variant, the weight of which is around 7.5 kilograms, RKP-8100 is operated within the frequency range between 1.5 and 512 MHz (HF/VHF/UHF). The radio has been fitted with an AES-256 compliant encrypting module, it is capable of functioning in a “frequency hopping” mode, it may be also used as a building block of the Link-11 data transfer suite.

RKP-8100 secures analogue and digital voice transfer and digital data transfer. According to the representatives of the manufacturer, the radio allows the user to transfer normal voice command, nonetheless it is also usable for data transfer or “high level” services, such as “e-mail, tactical chat and potential transfer of tactical information.The radio has been tailored for being coupled with a datalink.” Whereas the datalink may also be embedded on an ordinary computer or tablet, it may also be employed at various levels of command, both in case of the command stations, as well as in case of the individual soldiers.

RKP-8100 Backpack Radio. Image Credit: M.Dura

The radio has been prepared to work in a frequency hopping mode, with 8.8 hops per minute tempo in case of the HF band, and up to 320 hops per minute, when it comes to UHF/VHF transmissions. The representatives of the OBR CTM facility stress that “in order to engage in frequency hopping, hopping shall be done with proper algorithms. And those algorithms have been created here, in Poland, and examined by the Military Communication Institute

The number of hops is important of course, however the data transfer method also bears a great degree of relevance.<<Hops>> are being made to avoid interference.If the given data <<package>> transferred via the given frequency is jammed, <<redundancy codes>> are applied, in order to secure the transmission.Even though the given chunk of data has been, partially, jammed, we are able to recover it”.

RKP-8100 radio - transportable variant with the special RKP-8100AM-B adapter. M.Dura

The RKP-8100 Backpack Broadband Radio may also be used in vehicular settings, for the purpose of creating mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET), in line with the STANAG 4691 standardization document.

In case of the vehicular variant, OBR CTM offers its original RKP-8100AM-B adapter, facilitating the on-vehicle setup. Its interface is very simple to use. Moreover, the adapter makes it possible to increase the maximum power output (up to 150 Watts in the HF band, and 50 Watts in the UHF band), and to increase the reliability of communications in conditions of collocation (thanks to the fact that additional narrow-band filtering system is applied, covering the whole HF band and selected frequency ranges of the UHF band: 30-88 MHz and 225-400 MHz).