Pro Defense 2017: Mortars, Rifles and Multiple Grenade Launcher Offered by ZM Tarnów

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Our offer of products for the Territorial Defence component includes 6-shots 40 mm revolver multiple grenade launcher, (…) allowing the user to cover an area of 1200 square meters with fire, with the use of a single magazine - as we were told by Adam Henczel, representative of the ZM Tarnów facility, during the Pro Defense event held in Ostróda.

The RGP-40 grenade launcher may be used to shoot 2 thousand grenades, without any deterioration of its parameters. The practical achievable rate of fire is defined as 12 shots per minute. When ammunition with muzzle speed of up to 82 meters per second is used, the effective range of fire is defined as 400 meters. However, the weapon’s design also makes it possible to utilize rounds of much higher muzzle energy, with doubled range (medium velocity grenades).

The launcher has been a part of the inventory of the Polish police since 2016. 

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As it was stressed by Henczel, ZM Tarnów also has a 60 mm light mortars included in the offer for the Territorial Defence units, including D Pluton (long range) and K Komando variants. The latter variety is being operated by a single soldier, and it offers a range of up to 1300 meters. The long range variant, on the other hand, is being operated by three soldiers. It is said to have a range of 2300 meters. Both versions may be carried by a single soldier, on a special frame. 

ZM Tarnów also offers sniper rifles for the Territorial Defence units: BOR 7.62 mm sniper rifle, with effective range of up to 1600 meters; ALEX-338 .338 sniper rifle, offering effective range of up to 2000 meters; and .50 Cal. TOR sniper rifle (also destined to be used as an AMR, as it makes it possible to act against targets located as far away as up to 2200 meters from the shooter. The company also manufactures and proposes automatic weapons: 7.62 mm Modified UKM-2000P general purpose machine gun and .50 Cal. WKM-Bm heavy machine gun.

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Moreover, ZM Tarnów’s stand in Ostróda featured the following products: LOOK Light Observation-Defence Container, and Basic and advanced training facility: roofed mobile shooting range embedded in 40 ft HC containers.