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Pro Defense 2017: Polish Equipment for a Light Infantry Squad

  • Chińskie okręty obecnie wyróżniają się wyraźnie sylwetką i uzbrojeniem od swoich rosyjskich odpowiedników. Zdjęcie portu Noworosyjsk w czasie wizyty chińskich okrętów w 2015 roku. Fot.
    Chińskie okręty obecnie wyróżniają się wyraźnie sylwetką i uzbrojeniem od swoich rosyjskich odpowiedników. Zdjęcie portu Noworosyjsk w czasie wizyty chińskich okrętów w 2015 roku. Fot.
  • fot. Jeremy Buckingham/ flickr
    fot. Jeremy Buckingham/ flickr

Polish Armaments Group has showcased equipment for a light infantry squad, during the Pro Defense event held in Ostróda. The equipment kit has also been designed with the Territorial Defence component of the Polish Army in mind.

The first soldier, the Squad Commander, was carrying an MSBS 5.56 rifle along with the PR-15 Ragun semi-automatic pistol. Both types of weapons are being developed by the Łucznik Radom Arms Factory, also with the Polish Tytan soldier ensemble in mind. Moreover, the Commander has also been equipped with observation equipment for night use and facilitating observation in tough weather conditions. Here we are referring to night vision binoculars and PCO-manufactured MU-3M Koliber night vision monocular.

The primary armament of the second soldier (Junior Rifleman), came in a form of RGP-40 repeating grenade launcher, offered by the ZM Tarnów facility. Such equipment has been ordered by the Polish Army, it has also been introduced into use of the Polish Police. The Junior Rifleman also handled the PR-15 Ragun pistol and MU-3M Koliber monocular.

RGP-40 Grenade Launcher was one of the showcased support weapons. Image Credit:

The squad also included a Junior Medic, using the MSBS rifle coupled with the CKW Bazalt daytime/night sight, manufactured by the PCO company. This soldier also had a night-vision monocular at his disposal. Meanwhile, the Junior Radioman has been armed with the MSBS rifle coupled with a holographic sight, also carrying a night-vision binoculars, along with an RKP-8100 radio, offered by the OBR CTM facility.

The armament carried by the Deputy Commander consisted of MSBS rifle coupled with the Szafir modular sight, PR-15 Ragun pistol and a single-use M72 anti-tank weapon. The latter launcher is being offered to the Polish Armed Forces by the PGZ’s Dezamet, in collaboration with the Norwegian Nammo company. The Deputy Commander also had the MU-3M monocular at his disposal.

One of the soldiers took on a role of the Squad’s Sharpshooter. He was armed with the MSBS carbine coupled with the Bazalt daytime/night sight. Meanwhile, the Senior Rifleman has been equipped with the UKM-2000 machine gun offered by ZM Tarnów, coupled with the PCO Rubin thermal vision sight. Junior Sapper, on the other hand, has been equipped with MSBS rifle featuring a holographic sight, along with the MU-3M system.

The sharpshooter has been using the MSBS rifle, featuring the Bazalt optic. Image Credit:

MSBS Carbine was also provided to the Scout. However, his weapon was fitted with the CKW Bazalt daytime/night sight. This soldier has also been carrying a major quantity of observation systems. He received thermal vision binoculars, complemented with the NPL-2 Kruk night vision goggles. On the other hand, the Senior Radioman had MSBS rifle at its disposal, a backpack radio, and MU-3M night vision monocular. The Senior Medic has been using the MSBS rifle and Koliber monocular, while Senior Sapper has been equipped with the MSBS rifle coupled with the Szafir optic and, similarly as most of the squad, with the MU-3M Koliber monocular.

The presented squad consisted of 12 soldiers, which was not an accident. This is going to be the number of troops of the basic, smallest element of the newly formed Territorial Defence branch of the Army, which is to make it possible to perfect the skills in the given specialties: e.g. sapper, medic, radioman.

All of the soldiers included in the squad have been armed with domestically manufactured firearms, compliant with the NATO standards, and with modern equipment. Notably, each of the soldiers has also been carrying at least one night vision observation device. Here, the MU-3M system provided by PCO was the one that was employed most often, however, depending on the needs, thermal vision, day/night sights, night vision goggles or thermal vision binoculars have also been presented.

Sharpshooter also used the MU-3M Koliber night vision monocular. Image Credit:

The showcased kit is already being used, at least partially, by the Polish Armed Forces, here we are referring mainly to the MU-3M Koliber monoculars or UKM-2000 machine guns. Back in December 2016, the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish MoD concluded an agreement with the PCO company, concerning the procurement of modern optronic devices. On the grounds of the aforesaid contract the Armed Forces would receive more thermal vision binoculars, night vision goggles and monoculars, as well as night- and thermal-vision firearm optics.

Meanwhile, other elements of the kit demonstrated during the Pro Defense event are expected to be introduced into the Polish Army’s equipment inventory soon. Within this context, one should place an emphasis on the MSBS rifles and Ragun pistols. The Territorial Defence Command places a major emphasis on the plan, the goal of which would be to have the component armed with the MSBS Modular Firearms System, in order to facilitate and unify the training in a way which would allow the soldiers to use the latest generation equipment from the very beginning.

Moreover, it shall be noted that the M72 grenade launcher constitutes a supplementary element of the PGZ’s offer. It has been prepared in collaboration with a foreign partner. In the said case, the decision regarding the selection of the specific armament is yet to be taken by the Polish Ministry of Defence.