Radar Engineers Visit the PIT-Radwar Company. Summing Up the Deliveries of the Odra Radars

A Delegation of the Radar Engineering Branch of the Polish Army, involving Col. Dariusz Krzywdzinski, who is the head of the aforesaid entity, paid a visit to the PIT-RADWAR company. Summary of procurement of the TRS-15M Odra radars has been presented during the meeting.

A presentation opened a meeting, the goal of which was to discuss and sum up procurement of the NUR-15M Odra radars, which took place within the framework of an agreement concluded. Moreover, the status of preparation for implementation of the NUR-15M procurement contract has been presented, concerning a new agreement signed with the Armament Inspectorate. Additionally, life-cycle management for the NUR-15 radars also became a subject for an in-depth analysis. 

The delegation had an opportunity to get acquainted with the “Ready Products Hall”, featuring the equipment manufactured at PIT-RADWAR.

The meeting was concluded with a presentation, during which the development works in the area of radars, implemented by the company for the Polish Army, has been discussed.

The delegation involved the following officials: Col. Dariusz Krzywdzinski, Chief of the Management of the Radar Engineering Component of the Polish Army, Lt. Col. Robert Stupak, Chief of the Administration and Development Unit, Col. Jerzy Kwika, Chief of the Training Unit, Lt. Col. Miłosz Puto, Chief of the Operational Division, and Chief of the Technical Supervision Team of the 3rd Radar Engineering Brigade of Wrocław, Lt. Col. Jacek Połeć.   The company, on the other hand, was represented by the President of the Management Board, Rafał Kowalczyk, PIT-RADWAR S.A’s Manager for R&D and Implementation, Jerzy Miłosz, and Director of Sales, Alicja Tomkiewicz.