Radmor Radios To Be Exported Outside Europe

  • fot. DARPA
    fot. DARPA

Radmor S.A. company concluded a contract regarding delivery of the 3501 radios for an unknown export customer. However, we do know that the above-mentioned customer comes from a country which is located outside Europe.

According to the information published by Radmor S.A., the radios are going to be acquired by one of the countries outside Europe, however, the specific customer was not named. The deliveries are to be finalized until the end of December next year.

The agreement is related to procurement of more than one thousand of the 3501 tactical radios, in a portable variant, along with the relevant accessories. There is an option of expanding the contract – procurement of another couple hundred examples may be realized. Radmor S.A. stresses the fact that 3501 radio is a Polish design, developed and manufactured in Poland.

3501 radios are being used by the Polish Army, and several other armed formations globally. The system’s purpose is to be applied at the company or platoon level. They may also be utilized for data transmission purposes. 3501 radio is additionally fitted with an LCD display. Radio with an NiCD power supply unit weighs 940 grams. There is an option to program the radio to use up to 10 channels. Some of the individual variants of the R3501 radios utilize internal GPS receivers, or dedicated radio management software.